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Proof of Financial Resources for International Students

Students requesting non-immigrant visas (I-20 or DS-2019) must certify that they possess adequate financial resources to support themselves while in residence at The University of Arizona. If students will have members of their families (i.e.- spouse or child/ren) accompany them to the United States additional funding will be required. Financial guarantee documents must be dated within six months of the term of admission and must be addressed to The University of Arizona Graduate College.

Students receiving departmental funding can apply those departmental funds towards the completion of the financial guarantee. Note that additional funds may be required to meet the total guarantee requirement. The funds may come in the form of the student's personal funds, sponsor funding, departmental funding, or a combination of all three. The timeline for departmental decisions regarding funding varies. Please check with your intended department for information on available funding and decision/notification timelines.

If the student is sponsored through an organization or government agency, the sponsor must inform the Graduate Admissions Office, in writing and in advance, of the terms of support. The official letter of sponsorship must include specific information on the amount and duration of the financial award. In addition, if The University of Arizona is to bill a sponsor for the student's tuition and fees, billing must be handled through an embassy or an agency within the United States. Prior to registration, an official letter regarding billing information must be sent to:

International Student Services Office 
University of Arizona
915 N. Tyndall Ave.
Tucson, Arizona 85721-0441
Last updated 25 Sep 2015