Minority Health Disparities Summer Research

Program in Brief

The University of Arizona Graduate College offers a prestigious summer research opportunity focused on health issues that affect minority communities in a disproportionate manner.

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MHD is one of five programs sponsored by the UA Graduate College and under the umbrella of Undergraduate Research Opportunity Programs. The benefits common to all of these 5 programs are:

  • a research project
  • a faculty mentor
  • workshops / preparation for the graduate application process
  • social opportunities and a support network
  • financial support
  • annual research conference & closing ceremony

Additional benefits specific to this program include

  • six units of upper division research credit
  • weekly speaker series focused specifically on biomedical research related to minority health disparities
  • workshops focused on issues related to biomedical research and graduate school preparation
  • $4000 in pay over the 10 weeks
  • on-campus housing is available
Last updated 28 Aug 2014