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Graduate International Student Award Letter

The Graduate International Student Award Letter (GISAL) is used for 3 reasons: 

  1. It notifies the Graduate College of departmental funding
  2. It is presented at a students' US Consulate appointment to further clarify funding listed on the I-20 form
  3. It is presented at the Social Security Administration office when applying for a SSN# after the students arrival in the US

Effective March 2018, the submission process for the GISAL form is completely electronic.

After an international student is admitted, the Graduate College Visa section will send the student an email.  If they are requesting an I-20, they must make an account in UA International and upload funding documents.  If a student will be receiving departmental funding, they must provide the name and email address of their Graduate Coordinator.  After the student submits the name and email address, the Graduate College Visa section will send the coordinator an email with a blank GISAL form and a unique link to upload the completed form in UA International.

Note:  GISAL forms can only be uploaded into UA International through the unique link we provide to you after the student has been admitted and you have received a prompt email from GCVisa.

After a coordinator receives a prompt email:

  1. Open the form and enter all the required data (including the FTE dropdown box, if applicable), sign the form electronically, and save pdf as “Last Name_SID#” 
  2. Use the email link to open UA International, click the Graduate I-20 Request form link, and choose the student from the list
  3. Scroll down to the Upload GISAL box, upload the saved form, and Submit
  4. Keep a copy of the pdf file for the student upon arrival

These instructions will be repeated in the prompt email you receive.  To keep the student informed, a courtesy notification email will be sent to them after you submit the form.




Last updated 19 Nov 2019