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Admissions Frequently Asked Questions

Am I an Arizona Resident?

If you are a domestic student and an Arizona Resident you will need to complete the Residency Classification Process. Only students who are claiming Arizona Residency need to complete this process. Check here for residency requirements or contact the Residency Classification office at (520)621-3636 or at

How can I check that all my application materials have been received?

The best way is to contact the department you intend to study with. They will determine if your file is complete and when it will be presented to their admissions committee for review.

How can I find out about my application or admission status?

Applicants may log back in to the online application system at to check application status at any time.

Once your application is in our system, no further action will be taken by the Graduate College until your department of interest makes a decision about your application.

After a student is recommended, the department should forward any official transcripts required for admission to the Graduate College. If your department does not have the needed documents, we will request them from you via e-mail. You will be notified by the Graduate College if any items are missing only after your department has recommended your admission to us.

How can I learn more about financial aid?

Contact your department of interest and the Financial Aid office. The Graduate College sponsors many different programs but all decisions about funding are done at the departmental level. Only your department can tell you their particular funding options and what may be available to you. The Financial Aid office can assist domestic students with student loans and grants only after a FAFSA form has been completed.

The Graduate College administers a handful of Funding Opportunities. Current UA students can browse many more opportunies at the UA's Scholarship Universe.

How do I apply?

Applying for Graduate Admission can be done completely online using GradApp, our Graduate Admissions Application.

Some academic departments also have a separate application process for their program. Please be sure to consult any program-specific application procedures outlined in our Program Descriptions website and/or in the application instructions within GradApp.

Applicants who wish to apply to multiple graduate programs will need to submit a separate application for each program and pay the application fee for each application. The Graduate College will send you an e-mail confirmation that will serve as your receipt for your online application.

How do I contact my department?

All department and contact information is listed in the Graduate College Program Descriptions website. From this link you may select the program you are interested in and view contact information along with a brief description of the program of study. Some departments keep very specific instructions in this area, others supply general information only, but all departments will provide a link to their specific department websites.

How do I get access to Graduate Admissions data in UAccess or GradApp?

You must complete FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974) training before attending training sessions and before any access can be granted to view student or applicant data in any University system. FERPA is a federal law that governs the rights of students and institutions responsibilities with respect to student records. You may complete the Registrar's Office FERPA training online. The course takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.

UAccess: If you have previously completed FERPA training, you will be grandfathered into the UAccess system. It is recommended that you attend the UAccess "Student Fundamentals Training" or one of the online tutorials being offered through UITS. Your department authorized representative should complete the UAccess Application Access Request Process on your behalf.

GradApp: Access can be granted for most roles by filling out the GradApp Provisioning Request form. To be granted access, you will also be required to attend Graduate Admissions Basic Training provided by the Graduate College. Once the Basic Training course is completed, your Department Head or Director of Graduate Studies can submit the GradApp Provisioning Request form. The Graduate Coordinator can provision access for Review Committee members within GradApp.

How do I send my test scores for TOEFL, GRE, or GMAT?

The preferred method is to have your scores sent electronically from your testing center. The University of Arizona institution code is 4832. Once received, your scores will be matched to your student record and will be available to any department that views your record. Please contact the department you intend to study with regarding their specific score requirements. If you are unable to submit the scores electronically, please mail your results to the Office of Graduate Admissions. Our mailing address(s) may be found in our directory.

How should I submit my transcripts?

Unofficial copies of your transcripts must be uploaded as part of your applicant profile in GradApp.

To be admitted, you will need to send all official transcripts to the department directly. The department will forward those official transcripts to the Graduate College. We will use the official transcripts you have provided to process your final admission only after your department has made a positive recommendation for your admission.

If you are admitted "subject to" providing the Graduate College with final official transcripts, you may request they be sent electronically to our transcripts inbox at

I have already applied online, now what?

Contact the department you intend to study with and ensure you have submitted all supporting documents. You may check the status of your application at any time by logging back into your GradApp account.

None of these questions address my issue. What do I do now?

Send an email to and someone will get back to you, usually within 24 hours, but definitely within 3 business days. If it is an urgent problem, please indicate this in your email.

What documents other than transcripts do I need to send?

Contact your department regarding their required documents. They are the only ones who can extend deadline dates or make special allowances for items arriving late.

What if I applied or paid more than once by accident, or my payment did not go through?

Our system will not allow you to create multiple applications for the same combination of academic program and term.

We use a secure, third-party vendor to process credit card payments. Normally, your payment will be automatically reflected in your application, however on occasion the vendor service can fail to update Gradapp, making it appear the payment failed. If you believe this has happened to you, and/or you subsequently paid the application fee more than once for the same application, please e-mail Be prepared to provide us with details of the failed or duplicate charges. We will need to know your name and student ID (if known), when you applied, how you applied, and the details of why you believe you were charged more than once. Please contact your banking institution to verify that multiple charges have not already been voided before contacting the Graduate College.

What if I can't submit all application materials by the deadline?

The Graduate College does not have posted deadline dates. Please check with your department regarding their individual deadlines.

What if I don't have a completed financial guarantee when I apply?

You are not required to submit Financial Guarantee documents with your application. After final admission, International Student Services will contact you regarding immigration document processing.  Students will be required to submit a Financial Guarantee form before any visa documents can be processed. If you receive departmental funding, this funding may be applied towards your total financial guarantee. If you do not require visa documents, you will not need to submit a Financial Guarantee. 

What if I have questions about a Graduate Program?

Refer to our Program Descriptions website for an overview of specific programs of study. For more detailed inquiries, please contact the Department or Academic Unit for the program.

What is the Admissions Office's mailing address, or how do I email or contact someone there?

Please consult our Contact Information.