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Biochemistry (PHD) 
Program Description

Biochemistry students accepted into the graduate program are admitted primarily to pursue a Ph.D. The Ph.D. program at UA prepares high-achieving students for senior research positions in industry or government laboratories, or a career in college-level or university-level teaching and research. A number of interdisciplinary research and training programs are also available under the Biochemistry Ph.D. program including, Biological Chemistry Program, Biological Physics Program, Biochemistry and Molecular and Cellular Biology, Biological Physics Program, Applied Math, and the IGERT Program in Comparative Genomics and others.

The Doctor of Philosophy with a major in biochemistry is primarily a research degree. The number and selection of courses is tailored to the individual student's needs and interests according to the guidelines available from the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. A dissertation based upon original laboratory research is required. All students must pass a series of written examinations, a comprehensive examination and a final oral defense examination.

Department/Academic Unit(s)

Chemistry and Biochemistry -

The Arizona Biological and Biomedical Science Program (ABBS) integrates recruiting and admissions for the following graduate PhD programs:  Biochemistry and Molecular & Cellular Biology, Cancer Biology GIDP, Cellular and Molecular Medicine, Drug Discovery and Delivery, Genetics GIDP, Immunobiology, Medical Pharmacology, Pharmacology and Toxicology, Physiological Science GIDP, and The School of Plant Sciences. 

College of Science  
Campus where offered
Main Campus - Tucson  
Admissions Contact
Lori Boyd
Graduate Program Coordinator
Lori Boyd
Director of Graduate Studies
Michael L Heien
Graduate College Degree Counselor
Kristi R Davenport
Tuition and Fees
Please refer to the UA Bursar's Office Tuition and Fees Calculator for up-to-date information about tuition and fees. 
Please refer to the UA Registrar's's Office Special Course Fees for up-to-date information about special course fees. 

Admissions Information

Admissions Requirements

1. Three letters of recommendation. One of the letters must come from your research advisor. These letters should be submitted by your referees using the online system.

2. Transcripts from all colleges and universities you have attended or are currently attending. Transcripts should be uploaded in your online application.

3. A brief Statement of Purpose, describing your past research experiences, goals, teaching experience and why you want to attend The University of Arizona.

4. TOEFL or IELTS scores.
Please self-report your total internet-based TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) score and upload a copy of your score report. English proficiency is one of the conditions for admission for all applicants whose native language is not English. A minimum aggregate TOEFL score of 80, with a score of at least 24 on the speak portion is required for admission. An IELTS (International English Language Testing System) composite score of 7 (no subject area below a 6).
Please upload all application materials to your online application.

Standardized Tests

Minimum TOEFL: 80
Minimum IELTS: 7

Financial Aid

Students in the Chemistry and Biochemistry Ph.D. program are supported for the duration of their studies at UA through research or teaching assistantships, as well as full graduate tuition remission. In addition, a number of our students have received highly-competitive fellowships, including prestigious National Science Foundation predoctoral fellowships, which support them for the duration of their studies in the program. Moreover, students who are engaged in interdisciplinary research through one of the externally funded research programs qualify for training grant support.

Admissions Deadlines

Domestic Applicants:

  • Fall: January 5
  • Spring: Spring Semester Admission: The Department will occasionally offer Spring Semester admission to very highly qualified students. If you are interested in Spring admission, please contact the Graduate Coordinator for more details before submitting an application. No application for Spring semester admission can be considered after October 1.
  • International Applicants:
  • Fall: January 1
International Conditional Admission
International applicants will not be considered for conditional admission by this program.
Other Information
The GRE Institution Code for The University of Arizona is 4832
ETS Major Field Code(s) for this program: 0300, 0301, 0303, 0304, 0306, 0399
NRC Taxon(a) for this program: Biochemistry, Biophysics, and Structural Biology

Completion Requirements

Degree Requirements

Please refer to the program handbook

Minor Requirements
The Academic Unit has not provided this information. 
Student Handbook  

Program StatisticsInformation about these numbers

Program-level Information
Application Acceptance Rate 60%
Med. Time-to-degree (years) 5.50
Department-level Information
Enrollment Percent Male 53%
Enrollment Percent Female 47%
Enrollment Percent International 35%
Enrollment Percent URM 9%

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