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Civil Engineering & Engineering Mechanics (MS) - Accelerated Master's Program  
Program Description

Through the new 3+2 Accelerated Masters Program (AMP) in the Department of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics (CEEM) at the University of Arizona, you can leverage your undergraduate work in Civil Engineering into a graduate degree through the investment of one additional year of coursework. During a student’s senior year a student may take several technical electives at the graduate level. After completing the course with the associated graduate requirements, the student will receive credit toward their undergraduate degree and a Master’s degree.

The AMP offers flexibility: by focusing your graduate classes in one area, you can obtain your M.S. degree in the following sub-disciplines:

Geotechnical, Hydraulics/Hydrology, Engineering Mechanics, Structures or Transportation. You may elect to pursue an emphasis in Engineering Management in the coursework option or include Engineering Management courses in other options in coordination with your adviser.

Master’s Degree Options

  • Master’s Report – 27 coursework units, 3 report units
  • Thesis – 24 coursework units, 6 thesis units


Department/Academic Unit(s)

Civil and Architectural Engineering and Mechanics -

The department offers programs leading to the Master of Science and the Doctor of Philosophy degrees with a major in Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics. Work is directed toward research and professional development in such areas as engineering mechanics, engineering materials, highway engineering, hydraulics and fluid mechanics, geomechanics, geo-technical engineering, water resources, structural engineering, and transportation engineering. Certain interdisciplinary options such as regional development and urban planning, and environmental engineering are available by combining various areas of the program with programs in other departments. For further information concerning these options, see the College of Engineering web site.

The department also offers a degree in Master of Science, Masters of Engineering, an Accelerated Masters Degree in both MS and ME degrees and has three certificate programs; Advance Transportation, Geoengineering and Hydraulics and Water Resources Engineering.



College of Engineering  
Campus where offered
Main Campus - Tucson  
Admissions Contact
Karen E Van Winkle
Graduate Program Coordinator
Karen E Van Winkle
Director of Graduate Studies
Jennifer Guohong Duan
Graduate College Degree Counselor
Abraham Edward Cooper
Tuition and Fees
Please refer to the UA Bursar's Office Tuition and Fees Calculator for up-to-date information about tuition and fees. 
Please refer to the UA Registrar's's Office Special Course Fees for up-to-date information about special course fees. 

Admissions Information

Admissions Requirements
  • Have completed at least 75 undergraduate credit hours at the time
    of application and 90 undergraduate credit hours at the time of entry
    into the AMP, with a cumulative GPA equal or above 3.0
  • Have completed least 12 units of undergraduate credit hours in
    CEEM at the University of Arizona and a GPA above 3.0 may take
    500 level courses as their undergraduates technical electives at no
    additional fee. Upon completing the 500 level course requirements,
    these units will double count and be transferable to UA CEEM
    advanced degrees but may not be accepted by other universities.
  • Submit an application to the graduate college at:
Standardized Tests

Required test(s): No GRE needed for AMP 

Eligibility criteria:

To be considered eligible to apply for the AMP, a CE student must:

  • be a continuing University of Arizona undergraduate.
  • have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0

At the time of application, have completed a minimum of 75 units of undergraduate course work; a minimum of 12 undergraduate units must have been completed in the student's major at University of Arizona’s main campus.

A CE student must have completed the GRE before beginning their graduate program. 


Financial Aid
  • Undergraduate students are eligible for undergraduate grants and scholarships
  • At the graduate level, financial assistance in the form of tuition waivers and scholarships are available based on applicant's GPA and overall application.
  • In order to receive financial aid, each student must exhibit full-time graduate status, which requires registration for a minimum of 9 units each semester and maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher while enrolled.
Admissions Deadlines

Domestic and International Applicants:

  • July of their senior year for fall admission
  • December of their senior year for spring admission


International Conditional Admission
International applicants will not be considered for conditional admission by this program.
Other Information
The GRE Institution Code for The University of Arizona is 4832

Completion Requirements

Degree Requirements
  • Students with cumulative GPA of 3.0 may take up to nine (9) - 500 level units and those with GPA 3.5 or higher may take up to 12 - 500 level units.
  • Have completed, or nearly completed the general education requirements at the time of application
  • Undergraduate degree requirements must be completed before the student is eligible for admission to the Master's degree.
Minor Requirements


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