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Development Practice (MDP) 
Program Description

The Master's in Development Practice (MDP) program brings together talented students and faculty who have dedicated themselves to reducing the grinding impacts of global poverty and defining the pathways to enhance well-being for the under-resourced and socially excluded. The UA MDP provides a comprehensive foundation and practical experience to produce professional and well-trained graduates who understand the complexities of poverty.

Consistent with the philosophy of the MDP network, the Arizona curriculum consists of four cornerstone competency areas:

  • Public health
  • Management
  • Social sciences
  • Natural sciences

It adds integrating skill courses and three possible elective certificate tracks that offer students an area of specialization. It provides a broad foundation of international development and, at the same time,allows students to specialize in various sectors such as:

  • Collaborative Governance
  • Natural Resource Management
  • Public Health
  • Collaborative Governance
  • Immigration
  • Development Entrepreneurship

This approach of foundational knowledge and applied practice ensures that graduates are ready to make meaningful contributions in the field of development practice

Department/Academic Unit(s)

School of Anthropology -

School of Geography and Development -

Graduate students in the School of Geography and Development (SGD) benefit from the broad range of faculty expertise and strong links to interdisciplinary research centers across campus. Our work spans the discipline, from physical geography (climate science, dendrochronology, remote sensing, spatial science), to human-environment (political ecology, water policy, climate change) to human geography (development, state theory). Our shared commitment to collaboration and community makes for a lively and engaged department.

SGD offers M.A. and Ph.D. degrees, two professional master’s degrees, and participates in several graduate certificate programs

College of Social & Behavioral Sciences  
Campus where offered
Main Campus - Tucson  
Admissions Contact
Elizabeth S Cordova
Graduate Program Coordinator
Elizabeth S Cordova
Director of Graduate Studies
Katherine Ann Snyder
Graduate College Degree Counselor
Christina M Inocencio
Tuition and Fees
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Admissions Information

Admissions Requirements

Personal statement
2 Letters of Recommendation



Standardized Tests

Acceptable English Proficiency tests are: 

Financial Aid

See information offered through the UA office of Scholarships and Financial Aid,

Admissions Deadlines

Domestic Applicants:

  • Fall: March 15

International Applicants:

  • Fall: March 15
International Conditional Admission
International applicants may be considered for conditional admission to this program at the department's discretion.
Other Information
The GRE Institution Code for The University of Arizona is 4832

Degree Specifics

Degree Requirements

Minumum credits: 47
Core coursework: Core Courses
(All classes are 3 credits unless otherwise noted)
Development Boot Camp (1 credits)
Introduction to Global Health and Development
Global Health and Nutrition: Case Studies and Community Responses
Principles of Social Science for Development: themes, theories, and strategies
The Role of Culture in Sustainable Development
Macro and Micro-economic Tools for Development Practice
Introduction to Natural Systems
Natural Resources Management: Applications
Essential Management Principles for Development
Analytical Methods for Managing Sustainable Development Practice
Methods in Development Practice
Global Classroom: Integrated Approaches to Sustainable Development Practice
Cross-Cohort Thesis Workshop (3 credits)
Field Practicum (2 credits)

Electives or Specialization Tracks (students select one option from the list below):
TBD between student and advisor (9-10 units)

Final report on Field Practicum:
Supervised Masters Report (3 credits)

Language requirements:
Other requirements:

Minor Requirements
The Academic Unit has not provided this information. 
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