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Educational Research Method (Certificate NDP) 
Program Description

This certificate program prepares students to conduct educational research. Teachers and administrators often possess rich knowledge of curriculum and instruction but may not have sufficient methodological and statistical knowledge to perform or interpret educational research. This certificate addresses the development of these abilities and affords students in the social and behavioral sciences with an opportunity to develop some intermediate-level skills for conducting research/program evaluation.

Department/Academic Unit(s)

Educational Psychology -

Graduate programs in the Department of Educational Psychology prepare students for productive roles in research, teaching, and many other areas in which educational psychology is applied.

The department offers master of arts in educational psychology and doctor of philosophy with a major in educational psychology.

Student programs in each area are individualized with a wide range of courses, internships, and research offerings.

College of Education  
Campus where offered
Main Campus - Tucson  
Admissions Contact
Karen K Sesler
Graduate Program Coordinator
Karen K Sesler
Director of Graduate Studies
Paul A Schutz
Graduate College Degree Counselor
Annie Prisbrey
Tuition and Fees
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Admissions Information

Admissions Requirements

Must be a current University of Arizona Graduate student.

Standardized Tests


Financial Aid
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Admissions Deadlines

Domestic Applicants:

May contact department to apply.


International Conditional Admission
International applicants will not be considered for conditional admission by this program.
Other Information
The GRE Institution Code for The University of Arizona is 4832

Completion Requirements

Degree Requirements

Proper Certificate Name: Graduate Certificate in Educational Research Methodology


Managing Department: Dept. of Educational Psychology, College of Education


Point of Contact:

            Name: Karen Sesler, Graduate Coordinator, Ed. Psych

            Address: Education 602, PO Box 210069


            Phone: 621-7828, Fax 621-2909

Minimum number of units allowed: 12

Transfer units allowed: None allowed                        UA NDS allowed: 3

Students who may use the Change of Program form: MA, EDS or PhD Educ. Psychology (EDP

How many units may transfer to a degree program? 12 at the discretion of the major department

Required Courses:    Number of units 12

            EDP 541 (4), Statistical Methods in Education

            EDP 558 (3), Educational Tests and Measurements

            EDP 560 (3), Intro to Educational Research

            EDP 641 (4), Selected Applications of Statistical Methods



Are substitutions allowed for coursework?  Yes 


Notes: If allowed by the department head, a maximum of 3 units (25% of required units) may be substituted with the advisor's approval without prior Dean's approval.

Minor Requirements


Student Handbook
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