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Global Change (Minor) 
Program Description

The Global Change Graduate Interdisciplinary Program is a Ph.D. minor program that provides doctoral students with an integrated understanding of the natural and social dynamics of global change and involves scholars from different parts of the University who are working in innovative ways to analyze and understand past, present and future global changes from a multidisciplinary perspective. 

The interdisciplinary doctoral minor in Global Change includes three core classes: (a) a comprehensive course in the physical and biological aspects of global change, (b) an interdisciplinary, integrative workshop that focuses on vulnerability and adaptation to global change, and (c) a professional development toolkit course. In addition, two classes are chosen from a diverse list of elective courses. Students taking a Global Change minor must be pursuing a Ph.D. at the University of Arizona in an established major program and have an interest in acquiring a broader environmental perspective in their coursework and research pursuits.

Department/Academic Unit(s)

Graduate Interdisciplinary Programs -

The Graduate College sponsors several Graduate Interdisciplinary Programs (GIDPs) in addition to the many interdisciplinary possibilities available through regular graduate degree programs. GIDPs transcend departmental boundaries by facilitating cutting edge teaching and research at the nexus of traditional disciplines. The high value placed on interdisciplinary research and education is indicative of The University of Arizona's enthusiasm and commitment to fostering innovation and creativity among its faculty and students.


Graduate College/GIDP  
Campus where offered
Main Campus - Tucson  
Admissions Contact
Kevin J Anchukaitis
Graduate Program Coordinator
Kevin J Anchukaitis
Director of Graduate Studies
Kevin J Anchukaitis
Graduate College Degree Counselor
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Completion Requirements

Degree Requirements


The Global Change minor requires three core courses (7 credits total) and two electives (6 credits total). The goals of the coursework are to broaden knowledge and experience in global change, to help graduate students orient their research in the context of a larger interdisciplinary arena, and to provide tools to advance their individual careers as scholars and practitioners in the area of global change. Students should indicate their intent to declare the Global Change minor and seek input on their coursework well in advance of submitting their Plan of Study to take full advantage of this program.

Core Courses

Three core courses are required for the GC Minor.

GC 578 -  Global Change (3 units)
GC 597A - Global Change Workshop (3 units)
GC 695G - Global Change Toolkit (1 unit)


Global change electives should broaden the student’s  knowledge of the field, not simply provide additional depth in the major area of study. Two approved elective courses (6 credits total) are required.  A current list of approved electives can be found at  under Program/Course Requirements.

The electives should be selected from the approved electives list with guidance and endorsement by the Global Change Ph.D. Minor faculty on the student’s committee. If the student’s research is in the physical/biological sciences, at least one elective course must be chosen from the social science/policy area (List A). If the student’s research is in the social sciences/ humanities, at least one elective course must be chosen from the physical/biological sciences (List B). In addition to the approved electives list, many departmental seminars are relevant to interdisciplinary global change and may be approved for elective credit. Such substitutions must receive advance approval by a member of the Global Change executive committee and fulfill the “broadening” objectives as described above. 

Minor Requirements

This program is a Ph.D. Minor Program only and the requirements are listed above.


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