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Program Description

The Masters of Science in Information (INFOMS) provides a course-based degree targeted at future information professionals. 

Through highly interdisciplinary curriculum, community interaction opportunities, and emphasis on information engagement, the MS-I program aims to produce generations of information professionals and researchers who have the knowledge, skill, and ability to collaborate across disciplines to solve real-world information problems and address grand information challenges of today and the future.

The School of Information is well positioned to provide world-class graduate education in many of the sub-disciplines of Information.  In particular, our faculty has expertise to support graduate education in Information Ethics, Intellectual Property Rights, Information and Social Network Analysis, Computational Intelligence, Data Science, Information Systems, Healthcare Informatics, as well as Biodiversity and Ecological Informatics. The School is actively engaged in collaborative research in other departments around the University of Arizona as well as other U.S. and international universities and research institutes.

The number of units to complete the degree is 30 units of credit.

Department/Academic Unit(s)

School of Information -

The ever-increasing pace of technological innovation requires a more information-savvy workforce that understands not only the how, what, where, when, and why of technology and data but how to apply that knowledge.  At the University of Arizona’s School of Information, we have faculty and students engaged in research and education around all aspects of the information sciences without regard for disciplinary boundaries. We do research in: artificial intelligence; data management and curation; computer vision; computer-mediated communication and learning; natural language processing; social networking; human computer interfaces; dark networks; computational art creation; eCommerce, eGovernment, and eHealth; computational music; library sciences; educational and entertainment technologies; and much more.

We are preparing our graduates to be the doers, thinkers, solvers, and game-changers, not only of the problems and opportunities we see now, but also of the myriad scenarios we can’t yet imagine but are sure to arise during our students’ lifetimes.

College of Social & Behavioral Sciences  
Campus where offered
Main Campus - Tucson  
Admissions Contact
Barb Vandervelde
Graduate Program Coordinator
Kathryn Chavez
Director of Graduate Studies
Martin H Fricke
Graduate College Degree Counselor
Kristi R Davenport
Tuition and Fees
Please refer to the UA Bursar's Office Tuition and Fees Calculator for up-to-date information about tuition and fees. 
Please refer to the UA Registrar's's Office Special Course Fees for up-to-date information about special course fees. 

Admissions Information

Admissions Requirements
  • a bachelor's degree from an accredited school/institution.
  • a GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • official GRE scores.
  • Undergraduate preparatory courses in basic principles of mathematics, probability and statistics, and programming methodology.

Please complete this online application for admission to the Graduate College with a mandatory application fee.  As part of the online application, you are required to submit the following materials.  Please do not email or mail these materials to the School of Information or Graduate College.  These materials are to be uploaded to your online application:

  • Upload unofficial transcripts from ALL higher education institutions attended in ‘Supplemental Questions’ section.  Undergraduate preparatory courses should include basic principles of mathematics, probability and statistics, and programming methodology
  • Upload unofficial GRE scores in ‘Supplemental Questions’ section
  • Upload unofficial English proficiency test scores in the ‘Supplemental Questions’ section (international students only)
  • Upload a current resumé or curriculum vitae (CV) in the ‘Supplemental Questions’ section
  • Write a 750-1000 word written statement of introduction and interest in the program in the ‘Supplemental Questions’ section
  • Provide email addresses and contact information for two (2) recommenders in the ‘Letters of Recommendation’ section

Please email official e-Transcripts to directly from the institution or mail one (1) official transcript to the following address (do not send to the Graduate College).  Official transcripts from ALL higher education institutions attended are required.

School of Information
The University of Arizona
Harvill 409
1103 E. 2nd St.
Tucson, AZ 85721

Standardized Tests

The GRE will be waived for applicants who have, in recent years, taken 2 or more college-level math courses, and 2 or more college-level computer programming courses with grades of a B or better in those courses. The GRE may be waived on a case-by-case basis for applicants who have significant recent math and programming experience in the industry; such applicants should make the case for why their GRE should be waived in their statement of introduction and interest. 

Financial Aid

Financial support will be based on an evaluation of the applicant’s potential to become qualified information professionals or effective researchers in Information. Input to this process will include prior coursework and grades, Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores, letters of recommendation; and research/artistic/professional products such as papers, substantive works, or significant contributions to software systems. Please see the School of Information Financial Aid webpage for information and deadlines to apply:

Admissions Deadlines

Admission Deadlines:

Fall Semester: February 1

Spring Semester: October 1


International Admission Deadlines:

Fall Semester: February 1

Spring Semester: September 1


***International Applicants: Per immigration regulations, students admitted to a graduate program must enroll in a total of 9 units, of which 6 of those units must be courses taught in-person and only 3 online units may be used toward full-time enrollment. For questions regarding enrollment, please contact the School of Information ( for assistance.***

International Conditional Admission
International applicants may be considered for conditional admission to this program at the department's discretion.
Other Information
The GRE Institution Code for The University of Arizona is 4832

Completion Requirements

Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements

Master’s Degree Credit Hours
The master’s degree is designed for students who wish to develop advanced skills in applying information methods and become competitive information professionals. This degree requires 30 credit hours. Of these, there will be 3 core courses (9 units), 5 elective courses (15 units – up to 6 of these units can be taken from other units on campus, outside of the School), 3 units that count as experiential coursework, and a required 3-unit capstone project.
The standard time to degree for full-time students is 1.5 years.
Areas of Emphasis
Students are encouraged to select one or two emphasis areas or develop their own in collaboration with their faculty advisor. The current areas of emphasis represents some anticipated areas of interest and specialization based on known faculty and student interest and expertise. Most of the suggested courses in other departments have historically had open seats. Where certain courses may have filled or been closed to out-of-department students but we are working on reserving seats if there is demand.
Additional Requirements
In collaboration with the Faculty Advisor or the student’s chosen faculty mentor, each student is responsible for developing a Master’s Plan of Study during her or his first few months in the program to be submitted to the Director of Graduate Studies in the School. The Plan of Study should be submitted to the Graduate College no later than the second semester in the program.
The Master’s Plan of Study identifies: 1) courses the student intends to transfer from other institutions; 2) courses already completed at The University of Arizona which the student intends to apply toward the graduate degree; and 3) additional course work to be completed to fulfill degree requirements.  The Plan of Study must have approval of the Director of Graduate Studies before it can be submitted to the Graduate College.


Minor Requirements

There are no minor requirements for this degree program.



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