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Graduate Admissions Basic Training

Admissions Training for Faculty and Staff (2.5 hours)

The Graduate Admissions Basic Training course is aimed at teaching Graduate Coordinators, Director's of Graduate Studies, and other UA staff members who work with Graduate admissions, how to recommend, deny, and withdraw students in GradApp. Management of the public-facing Graduate Program Description Guide, assisting students with the graduate application, entering departmental decisions, and final admissions processes are all covered through an overview of:

  • Graduate Admissions basic policies and requirements
  • Program Description Guide management
  • GradApp utilities and best use practices
  • UAccess utilities

The course is led by Graduate College staff and is designed not only as an introductory course but as a refresher course as well. 

This class is mandatory for all Graduate Coordinators, Directors of Graduate Studies, and/or Department Heads who need provisioned with configuration or decision roles in GradApp.  The course is not required for Faculty Review Committee members.  Faculty Review members with questions should reach out to their academic department Graduate Coordinator. 

For hands on training, please bring a laptop or other electronic device so you may follow along with the projector.