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Tuition Waivers

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Domestic Doctoral Students
International Doctoral Students
Domestic Master’s Students
International Master’s Students
Incoming Domestic Doctoral Students
Incoming Domestic Master’s Students
GIDP Students

Tuition waivers for graduate students may be available through the student’s academic unit or academic college. Waivers can cover any portion of the graduate student’s tuition including program fees and/or differential tuition. Waivers do not cover the mandatory registration fees or student health insurance. Graduate students enrolled in programs through UA Online are not eligible for these resources.


Eligibility standards and award deadlines waivers are determined by the academic colleges/units.


Instructions for Graduate Students

Please contact your academic unit's graduate coordinator or director of graduate studies for information concerning tuition waivers. To find your graduate coordinator or director of graduate studies, please see the Graduate Catalog and Program of Studies guide.



Information/Instructions for Academic Units

Awarding units should process waivers using the UAccess Student Financial Aid External Awards system. Contact your academic college for information concerning annual budgets.


Contact the Graduate Coordinator or Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) in the academic unit for award availability and deadlines.