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The UA Hispanic Alumni Scholarship Program

At a glance
Number Awarded: 
Amount Awarded: 
$4,000 each
Application Period: 
Fall Semester
Funding Type: 
Cash Award/Stipend
By Application
Eligibility Category: 
Domestic Doctoral and Master's Students

The University of Arizona Hispanic Alumni (UAHA) Scholarship Program for Graduate Students provides funding for full-time domestic Master's or Doctoral degree seeking graduate students  in the Departments of Anthropology, Geography, History, Latin American Studies, Linguistics, Mexican American Studies, and Sociology whose research helps underserved Latino communities.  There are five (5) one-time nonrenewable $4,000 awards available. One (1) sponsored by the Chaparales/Rotary Club and four (4) sponsored by the UA Graduate College and UAHA. Students hired on graduate assistanships or receiving QTR (qualified tuition reduction) are eligible for this one-time award. 

Application Deadline: To be announced for the Fall 2019 term


The applicant must

  1. Be a domestic degree seeking graduate student in good academic standing admitted to a Doctoral or Master’s program in the Department of Anthropology, History, Latin American Studies, Linguistics, Mexican American Studies, and Sociology at the University of Arizona,
  2. Demonstrate sufficient need by completing and submitting a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA),
  3. Enrolled full-time,
  4. Be an Arizona resident*,
  5. Demonstrate knowledge and an understanding of and a willingness to serve the Latino community.

Graduate students hired on graduate assistantships or receiving QTR are eligible for this one-time award.

*Applicants must be listed as Arizona residents in the UA system of record at the time of application to qualify for the award. To verify your residency, please log into UAccess Student>Personal Information>Demographic Data>Residency Information. If this is incorrect, please contact the Residency Office. There are no exceptions to the residency requirement.


Please prepare the following and submit with the nomination form. The applications will be reviewed and at least five recipients will be selected annually by a committee of UA faculty and staff.

  1. Provide a cover sheet listing
    • Last name,
    • First name
    • Academic unit (degree program)
    • Email address
    • UA student ID
  2. Submit a two (2) page essay describing your field of study and career aspirations, and how you plan to utilize your degree/research to help underserved Latino communities (please format as single spaced, 12 point font, with 1” margins all around),
  3. A current Curricula Vitae, and
  4. No more than 2 letters of recommendation (information below).


Letters of Recommendation:

No more than 2 letters of recommendation from faculty, staff, and/or peers. The letters of recommendation should be emailed to Dorian Voorhees, Associate Dean, Graduate College.



Dorian Voorhees, Associate Dean, Graduate College