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"Nota Bene" Did you know?

Nota bene is a Latin phrase meaning "note well."  This page is designed to draw your attention to some interesting facts about graduate education at The University of Arizona.  Enjoy!

UA is a leader in interdisciplinary programs of study

The University of Arizona is a leader in interdisciplinary programs of study.  The University of Arizona's Graduate Interdisciplinary Programs (GIDPs) transcend departmental boundaries by facilitating cutting edge teaching and research where traditional disciplines interface. The high value placed on interdisciplinary research and education is one of the ways that The University of Arizona is fostering innovation and creativity among its faculty and students.

UA is the most diverse among public AAU member institutions

In Fall 2016, almost 1500 graduate students at UA were underrepresented minority, i.e., Hispanic, Native American and African American, a 64% increase in the last 10 years.  UA students from underrepresented backgrounds represent 21% of the graduate student body. UA's graduate study body is the most diverse among public Association of American University (AAU) member institutions.

UA graduate students are successful finding employment

According to exit surveys, more than 90 percent of students receiving graduate degrees from the UA report a great deal of satisfaction with the mentoring they received from their program. Over 85 percent of them report that their degree program was effective or very effective in preparing them for employment in their field, with 80 percent obtaining employment positions before graduation. Of doctoral recipients, two-thirds were employed immediately after receiving their degree, and an additional 30% obtained a post-doctoral fellowship.

UA ranks highly in employability

The Global Employability Survey ranks the UA 13th among American public universities, in the top 40 for all U.S. institutions and at No. 124 internationally.

UA provides students the "Best Bang For Their Buck"

UA is rated one of the 12 Top Colleges Where Students Get the Best Bang For Their Buck, according to (link is external) (link is external) This rating is based on average student debt upon graduation, starting salaries, tuition and room and board, and graduation rates. Financial aid resources for UA graduate students include fellowships, tuition scholarships, teaching and research assistantships/associateships (that include tuition and health insurance) and loans.

Tucson is a great place for twentysomethings

Tucson has been ranked the #2 best city for twentysomethings according to (link is external) (link is external)

Rental housing costs are very low in Tucson

Tucson has been ranked #2 of US cities where rental costs are lowest yet provide top amenities according to (link is external)