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General Information Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact the Graduate College

Mailing addresses, phone & fax numbers, and links to more specific directories can be found on our Contact Information page.

How can I learn more about my role as a Program Coordinator, DGS, Faculty Advisor, or Mentor?

The Graduate College has assembled a collection of tools intended to help guide students, faculty, and staff. For more information, please visit our Graduate Toolkits website.

How do I edit my program's description on the Graduate College website?

Program Description information is edited by a departmental staff or faculty member (typically either the Program Coordinator or the Director of Graduate Studies) through a module in GradApp. If you are the program's Coordinator or DGS, you may already have the permissions necessary to make updates. You can login to GradApp to find out - if you see a menu group titled Program Guide Console, you'll be able to see the programs you're able edit by expanding the menu group and clicking the Configure Program Guide link.

If personnel changes require updates to the faculty or staff members who should be able to edit a program's description, the Department Head or DGS can request updates by submitting the GradApp Provisioning Request form.