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By-Laws of the Graduate Council of The University of Arizona

Adopted: January 21, 2000
Amendments: April 11, 2008; April 17, 2009



Section 1. To provide a forum in which matters of concern to graduate education may be discussed and the mission of the Graduate College fulfilled.
Section 2. To work with the Graduate College to review, establish, and update policies affecting graduate education.



Section 1. Members shall include representatives of the faculty of those colleges with graduate programs that are under the jurisdiction of the Graduate College, graduate coordinators, and graduate students. Individual Colleges within larger colleges will have representation. The Dean and the Associate Deans of the Graduate College shall also be ex-officio members.  The represenative from Academic Affairs, Undergraduate Council and the library shall be ex-officio (non-voting).
Section 2. College faculty members are selected according to Faculty Senate rules. Faculty representation on the Graduate Council is based on the number of students enrolled in graduate programs within each academic college and the Graduate Interdisciplinary Programs. The number of representatives per college is determined by ranking ordering colleges by graduate enrollment. Those colleges whose graduate enrollment is in the upper half will have two members; those in the lower half will have one representative. The term is four years.
Section 3. The Graduate Coordinators elect two representatives. The term is 2 years; terms shall be staggered.
Section 4. The Graduate and Professional Student Council select three representatives. The term is one year, renewable.



Section 1. The chair shall be appointed by the Chair of the Faculty from members or former members of the Council, on advice of the Nominating Committee and in consultation with the Dean of the Graduate College, in accordance with the principles detailed in the shared governance guidelines and agreements.  The chair shall serve for a term of one year, renewable for up to 3 years.


Roles and Responsibilities

Section 1. The Council is a part of the university process for creating or changing graduate degree programs in both the planning and implementation stages, leading to approval by the Arizona Board of Regents.
Section 2.  The Council recommends priorities for graduate education and supports efforts to achieve them. They recommend and review the policies and procedures of the Graduate College, including but not limited to admission requirements, degree certification, policies involving graduate teaching and research assistantships and associateships, student grievances, and waivers of these policies and procedures.
Section 3. The Council provides a means of communicating with graduate program directors and department heads concerning Graduate College activities.



Section 1. The Council should meet four times a semester during the academic year.
Section 2. The meetings of the Council should be open to the public, subject to applicable state law.
Section 3. Notice of meetings should be given to the members of the Council at least one week in advance of any meeting by email message and posted on the Graduate Council website.
Section 4. An agenda should be circulated to members of the Council at least two days in advance of a meeting.
Section 5. Methods of Voting. Voting on motions before the Council should be by viva voce, by a show of hands, or by paper or email ballot, as decided by the presiding officer. A majority vote of those members voting will carry a motion, except for motions to adopt or amend Graduate College policies or to approve formal proposals to change or create degree programs, in which case a majority vote of the members of the Graduate Council will carry a motion.
Section 6. All members of the Graduate Council have voting rights. The Chair shall vote only in the event of a tie.
Section 7. Voting may be dealt with by the Graduate Council via email vote, provided:
  1. There are no substantive objections to the proposed action,
  2. The proposers do not themselves need direct input from the Graduate Council, and
  3. No member of the Graduate Council has substantive questions about the proposal.
The Graduate College will provide copies of such proposals along with any recommendations from the Program Review Committee a week before the vote is to be taken, and the members of the Graduate Council will have a week to vote.



Section 1. There shall be a standing committee to review and provide input and recommendations for proposed programs in professional colleges which are not under the authority of the Graduate College.
Section 2. Additional committees may be created by action of the chair, Dean of the Graduate College or the Council. An ad hoc committee should be automatically dissolved when the council accepts its final report.
Section 3. Committees should meet between Council meetings in order to review their business and produce a recommendation for the full Council's consideration. Each committee should organize itself including electing a chair.  The committees should adopt recommendations for Council consideration by a majority vote of the members. Such votes may be viva voce, by a show of hands, or by paper or emailballot.



Section 1. The bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds majority vote of the members of the Council.
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