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Differential Tuition for Dual Degrees

The Graduate College does not control or charge tuition or differential fees. For questions regarding tuition or differential fees please contact the Bursar's Office.

The policy governing the assessment of differential tuition when admitted to dual degree programs states:

Effective Spring 2012, the University will be charging students in multiple majors with program fees/differentials all applicable program fees/differentials. Students who receive more than one program fee/differential, will receive a 25 percent waiver for each program fee/differential.

As an example, using Spring 2012 fees, a full-time resident dual degree student in the MBA and MPH programs would be charged:

Regular tuitions and mandatory fees $5,418.68
For the MBA, 75% of $4750 $3,562.50
For the MPH, 75% of $450 $337.50
Total $9,318.68

The student is allowed to double-count a significant number of courses, saving time and money over the course of both degrees. Total fees paid for the two degrees are about equal to earning the degrees sequentially.

Last updated 25 Mar 2015