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Minimum Enrollment

The minimum enrollment allowed per semester (fall and spring) for students enrolled in the Graduate College is 3 graduate units, except for students who have met all their coursework and thesis or dissertation requirements; they may take only 1 unit.

For students holding teaching or research assistantships/associateships or hired on student wages the minimum enrollment required is 6 graduate units.  Some colleges and/or departments require additional units for students holding teaching or research assistantships/associateships.

Requirements for full-time status are different than requirements for minimum and continuous enrollment. Please refer to the current academic year's catalog for Full-Time Graduate Student Status.

During summer or winter sessions, students who will be using university resources are required to enroll for a minimum of 1 graduate unit. Students who are not utilizing faculty or university resources during summer sessions do not need to enroll during the summer or winter.

Last updated 4 Aug 2015