Graduate Toolkits

The Graduate College's mission is to provide central support and leadership in order to serve, oversee, and advance all aspects of the graduate enterprise at The University of Arizona.

As a vital part of that service and support the toolkits provided in this area are for use by departments, staff, faculty, and students at the University of Arizona.  This area is intended to be instructional and provide information, resources, and links to assist in the graduate educational process.

The Council of Graduate Schools (CGS) has found that there are six primary factors that influence the likelihood a student will complete a PhD.  Those factors are:

  • Selection Criteria in Admissions
  • Mentoring
  • Financial Support
  • Program Environment
  • Research Mode of the Field
  • Processes and Procedures

Many different areas contribute to these factors.  The individual toolkit pages to the left outline guidelines and resources for individual areas.

Last updated 12 Sep 2022