Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) Toolkit

Each academic program should have a faculty member who is designated as the Director of Graduate Studies (DGS).  This person (or persons) is responsible for the administration of the graduate program, often working with a faculty committee or the entire faculty.  In smaller programs, the department head may also serve as the DGS while in larger programs the DGS duties may be split among two faculty members.  The DGS supervises the Graduate coordinator and is the liaison with the Graduate College.  The DGS is responsible for ensuring that all faculty and students are familiar with best practices in graduate education and that these best practices are fully integrated into the daily operation of the graduate program.  Typically the DGS oversees and coordinates:

  1. Graduate recruitment 
  2. Admissions 
  3. Advising
  4. Administration of exams
  5. Facilitating students' committees 
  6. Student support 
  7. Appeals and petitions
  8. Compliance
  9. Communication
  10. Graduate Curriculum
  11. Satisfactory Academic Progress 


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Last updated 17 Mar 2015