Appeals and petitions Tool

Appeals and petitions 

Before a student submits a petition, an appeal, or a grievance, the DGS should discuss the issue with the student to help determine the best route towards a solution. 

Programs and departments should provide an internal process for student appeals and include that information in their Graduate Student Handbook.

Students and faculty may find information and user guides for filing petitions via GradPath for requests for a leave of absence, a retroactive change to an enrollment record, an extension of time to degree, or permission for an exception to a Graduate College policy. 

A DGS should know the various grievance types and parties responsible to better assist and direct students needing help.  

The Graduate College's posted grievance policy and set of procedures serves as a guide to students seeking redress and to the DGS and faculty advising them.

Please know that the Graduate College Associate Dean stands ready to assist DGSs with student problems and concerns. 



Last updated 26 Nov 2018