Policies and Procedures

Enforce policies and keep students and faculty informed of impending deadlines and changes. 

Graduate coordinators are typically the ones who deal with the day to day policies, procedures, and forms associated with graduate students.  It is important to be aware of the policies and any changes as well as track students through GradPath in order to keep faculty informed of pending deadlines.  Current policies and procedures are published by the Graduate College online at Policies and Procedures.  This site is a good place to learn about requirements and to keep abreast of changes.   All program personnel can also contact the Graduate Student Academic Services (GSAS) counselor for clarification of any Graduate College policies, procedures, or deadlines for degree requirements.  Please use the Find Your Degree Couselor link to assist you.  It is also helpful to read the “occasional newsletter” published by the Graduate College.  This newsletter can be found on the Graduate College Faculty and Staff page along with many other useful links.

Last updated 17 Mar 2015