Student Progress and Completion

Has working knowledge of processes and forms related to student progress and completion

One of your Graduate Coordinator roles is to assist the smooth progression of your students by reminding them to submit appropriate GradPath form(s) in a timely manner. GradPath facilitates the tracking and monitoring of degree/certificate progress and milestones for your graduate students. Students, instructors, and appropriate staff can access GradPath online via UAccess student, UAccess Instructor, and UAccess Administrator respectively. 

As a Graduate Coordinator you can go to the UA All tile to view the GradPath forms for any individual student; alternatively you can view a report on the status of GradPath forms for all of your students using the Grad Coordinator Dashboards in UAccess Analytics. Please click here to access the Graduate Coordinator Dashboard Guide. Graduate Coordinators can use these tools to remind students and faculty of graduation deadlines to ensure forms are submitted and approved in time for students to meet deadlines.

The routing of any submitted GradPath form is visible at the bottom of that form. Please assist a rapid decision on GradPath forms by contacting the reviewer if you feel that so much time has elapsed they may have forgotten to approve or deny a given GradPath form.

For additional information on GradPath and a User guide for Graduate Coordinators please click on this link: Gradpath User Guide for Grad Coordinators

For a Guide to Understanding Graduate Student Milestones in UAccess please click on this link: Graduate Student Milestone

You can also review your program's completion rates for 6 and 8 years through UAccess Analytics dashboards at:  UAnalytics > Dashboards > Student > Graduate Students > Completion Rate.

Last updated 28 Apr 2021