Student Progress and Completion

Has working knowledge of processes and forms related to student progress and completion

GradPath makes tracking and monitoring students much easier. Students fill in and submit forms online through UAccess Student Gradpath forms. Graduate Coordinators are able to track their students’ progression toward their degree on the students’ GradPath forms and the milestones on their UAccess Student record.  These new tools can assist Graduate Coordinators in helping students remember to submit needed forms in a timely manner (and will help track submissions as they route to faculty members for approval).  Graduate Coordinators can also use these tools to remind students and faculty of graduation deadlines to ensure forms are submitted and approved in time for students to meet deadlines.  Here is a link to Student Milestone Guidebook for more information.  You can also review your program's completion rates for 6 and 8 years through UAccess Analytics dashboards at:  UAnalytics > Dashboards > Student > Graduate Students > Completion Rate.

Last updated 16 Mar 2015