University Data Systems

Has working knowledge of the university data systems and know how to use them efficiently. 

  1. The first step in gaining access to training and systems is to complete FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974).  You may sign up for FERPA Training Online.  You will need access to the UA Student system known as UAccess.  In order to gain many of the roles required for the Graduate Coordinator position training is needed by attending workshop(s) offered through UITS Workshops:  UAccess Student > Student Records for Department & College Users.    Here are the instructions for making the provisioning request for the role that grants all permissions needed for grad coordinators’ use of GradPath and other modules:
  2. Click on “login” next to Request New Access to UAccess Systems
  • Put your NetID in the field at the top of the form
  • Select UAccess Student-Campus Users and select continue
  • Select Graduate College and hit continue
  • Select “Role – Grad Coordinator” and hit continue
  • In the Department Approver NetID field put whoever in the department will approve this.

Graduate Coordinators also need access to the On-line application system (GradApp) and the Graduate Catalog/Program Descriptions Guide system through the Graduate College.  Access to these systems requires completion of Graduate College Admissions Basic Training.  For training on GradPath and degree policies, please contact your degree counselor to schedule a one-on-one training.  For complete GradPath provisioning steps please see:  Provisioning Faculty and Staff Access to GradPath. Graduate Coordinators are also provisioned with access to GradSlate, in order to receive the names and contact information for prospective graduate students.  Learn more about GradSlate here.

These various training sessions will prepare Graduate Coordinators for using the various campus systems involved in the Graduate education process.  Depending upon particular duties and roles there are other trainings and accesses that may also be necessary.

Last updated 27 Aug 2019