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Grievance Summary

UA Graduate Exit Survey Data - December 2012

System Access Request links

UAccess Systems (link is external)

Graduate College Systems


Sign up for Graduate College Admissions Basic Training (required for system access)

Sign up for UAccess trainings through UITS (University Information Technology Services) Workshops page (link is external)(various requirements depending upon access levels necessary for your particular duties)

Hiring Graduate Assistants/Associates resources

University of Arizona GA Manual

University of Arizona Financial Aid Office, Graduate Students Frequently Asked Questions

Quick Vids - University of Arizona Process Review Videos

Using GradPath to View a Student's Forms

Using UAnalytics to find Completion Rates (link is external)

Using UAnalytics dashboards to complete the NSF-NIH Graduate Student Survey (link is external)

Using UAnalytics dashboards to find Graduate Students with incompletes (link is external)

GRE and TOEFL Resource Links

Graduate Program and Student Learning Assessement

Assessment Resources University of Arizona

University of Arizona, Academic Program Review Website (link is external)

University of Arizona, Office of Assessment Websites

  1. UA, Assessment and Evaluation (link is external)
  2. Assessment at UA (link is external)

University of Arizona, Graduate College Assessment Websites

  1. UA, Graduate College Program Assessment Website
  2. UA, Graduate College Assessment Data Website 

Assessment Resources from Other Universities

Washington State University Assessment Plan (link is external)

Cornell University Graduate School Learning Assessment Website (link is external)

Oregon State Graduate School Program Assessment Website (link is external)

Purdue University Graduate School Learning Assessment and Quality of Doctoral Education (link is external)

University of Washington NRC Assessment of Research Doctorate Programs Website (link is external)

West Virginia University Graduate Program Assessment Overview Website (link is external)

The Ohio State University Doctoral Program Assessment

  1. Assessment and Plan (link is external)
  2. Doctoral Assessment Update 2008-2010 (link is external)

North Carolina State University Program Evaluation Website (link is external)

University of Maryland Guide to Graduate Assessment (link is external)

Tulane University Assessing Graduate Programs Resources (link is external)

University of West Florida Center for University Teaching, Learning, and Assessment (link is external) (this site has detailed expectations for cirriculum maps and learning plans)

Kansas State University Graduate School Assessment Websites:

  1. Kansas State University Graduate School Assessment website (link is external)(this site includes rubric templates for assessment, student learning outcomes, and program review)
  2. PhD Dissertation Defense Assessment Form (link is external)
  3. Masters Thesis/Report Defense Assessment Form (link is external)
  4. Masters no-Thesis option Assessment Form (link is external)

Miami University Center for the Enhancement of Learning, Teaching, and University Assessment (link is external)

Best Practices - Resources from Other Universities

Duke Graduate School: Best Practices (link is external)

Ohio State University Graduate School: Graduate School Handbook (link is external)

Michigan State University: Advisor/Student and Research Integrity Guidelines (link is external)

University of Mississippi:  Graduate Program Coordinators Handbook (link is external)

Best Practices in Yale Graduate Programs (link is external)

The Chronicle:  Best Practices for Advising Graduate Assistants (link is external)

Council of Graduate Schools:  Lesson Five- Monitoring Graduate Student Progress (link is external)

FERPA Checklist:  What Can Never Be Shared

Mentoring - Resources from Other Universities

Faculty Guide to Mentoring Graduate Students (University of Hawaii) (link is external)

Mentor and Graduate Student Strategies for Success (University of Louisville) (link is external)

Advisor, Teacher, Role Model, Friend: On Being a Mentor to Students in Science and Engineering (link is external)

Guidelines for Good Practice in Graduate Education: Mentoring (University of Washington)

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