MHD Speaker Series

Every summer, the MHD students participate in a seminar series that exposes them to a wide array of research fields. A special thanks goes out to the outstanding UA faculty who have volunteer their time to share their expertise.

Summer 2017

  • Michael Johnson, PhD., Assistant Professor, Immunobiology - “A Tale of 2 Metals”

  • John Konhilas, Ph.D., Associate Professor Physiology, Chair, Physiological Sciences – “Diet, exercise, disease and sex/gender differences in cardiovascular disease”

  • Parker Antin, Ph.D.  Professor, CMM, Associate Dean for Research, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences - “Ethics in Science”

  • Ann Skulas-Ray, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Nutritional Sciences - "Omega-3 fatty acids: Lost in Translation"

  • Frans Tax, Ph.D., Professor, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Faculty Director for Diversity and Inclusion, Graduate College – “Science Careers; Individual Development Plan”

  • Fernando Martinez, M.D., Regents Professor, Pediatrics Director - “Asthma/Airway Disease Research Center”

  • Zelieann Craig, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Animal Sciences, MHD Alumna - “Understanding how phthalates (endocrine disruptors) affect the function of the ovary”

Last updated 29 Aug 2017