Bringing Service Home Since 2000!

We suggest you evaluate us beginning with the University of Arizona and departmental websites. Look carefully at the requirements, curriculum, class offerings, and faculty research interests. If you like what you see at the University of Arizona, we encourage you to apply to the academic program and to Fellows.
  • Largest Coverdell Fellows program in 2009-11
  • Second largest Coverdell Fellows program in 2008, 2012-14
  • 224,000 hours of service
  • 150 partner agencies
  • 25 master's and doctoral programs
  • 281 Fellows since 2000
  • 176 master's degrees awarded
  • 14 doctoral degrees awarded
  • 27 national scholarships and fellowships awarded
  • 75 Fellows in 2014-15
  • 61 current master's students
  • 14 current doctoral students
Academic, Fellows, & FAFSA applications:
  • Priority deadline for the Fellows program - January 15
  • Final deadline for the Fellows program - March 1
  • Priority deadline for the UA FAFSA - March 1
  • Academic deadlines set by departments
Please review our site, and e-mail or call with unanswered questions you may have. We also recommend you download our brochure.
For academic program questions, contact the departmental Graduate Coordinator directly. The Graduate Admissions Coordinator in each department can direct you to faculty with interests similar to yours.
We encourage you to visit, and we can offer suggestions for planning your trip. We welcome the opportunity to meet with you. A visit during Peace Corps Week (Feb. 25, 2016) is a great time to see the Southern Arizona Peace Corps community in action.
Warm regards,
Georgia Ehlers
Director of Fellowships & Community Engagement
University Services Building, Room 204E
888 N. Euclid Ave.
Tucson, AZ 85721-0158
PH: 520-621-9103
E-mail: rpcf(at)grad.arizona.edu
J-Lynne Brown
Fellows Program Coordinator (year-round)
PH: 520-626-2292
E-mail: jbrown(at)grad.arizona.edu
Jenna Altherr Flores
Fellows Program Coordinator (summer)
PH: 520-626-2292
E-mail: altherrj(at)grad.arizona.edu

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