SRI Attributes

Program Attributes include:

  • June through August (10 weeks) online program,
    non-UArizona students are welcome to apply; 
  • A stipend of $5,000;
  • Six units of upper-division undergraduate course credit (tuition and fees paid by the University and the Graduate College);
  • Due to COVID-19, a UA Faculty mentor in your chosen field of study may or may not be available for everyone. We will offer a data science skill building course for students without a mentor. NOTE: we have a team of staff members to support scholars to achieve the objectives of the summer program; 
  • Coursework and workshops on organizing research, research ethics, public speaking/communication skills training, preparation for the Graduate Record Exam (GRE), creating and presenting an outstanding research poster, and crafting a successful graduate school application;
  • The opportunity to join with like-minded scholars in preparation for graduate school.

One major event that has occurred for me, which I feel I owe to SRI, is securing a fellowship from Pfizer Pharmaceuticals for the continuation of my research through the first year of my graduate education. Without the opportunities given to me through SRI, I feel that I would never have achieved this level of success in research.   -SRI Alum

Last updated 25 Jan 2022