Admissions Specialist

The Graduate College Admissions Specialist is both the student’s and the Department’s main contact when questions arise during the admissions process, although assistance can be gained from any of the personnel within the admissions area. The Admissions Specialist can assist the department in determining admissibility through comparability of degree, regional accreditation verification of the previous university or college, and calculation of a GPA comparable to a 4.0 scale. The admissions area provides the following services:

  • Assist prospective students with initial questions or concerns regarding application processes and timelines
  • Processing final admission for recommended students by evaluating official, original transcripts for compliance with minimum requirements
  • Preparation and notification to student of formal admission and information on required materials for matriculation
  • Preparation and management of international documents needed at embassies to gain visas for both ‘F’ and ‘J’ student categories
  • Update or change current applications within the UAccess system
  • Management and transfer of standardized test scores into student or applicant electronic files
  • Data management for returning or incoming students regarding SID, PIN, and name corrections
  • Guidance and training in the use of Graduate Program Description Guide
  • Guidance and training for Graduate College hosting of departmental portion of the on-line application
  • Guidance and training for coordinators to better understand and calculate comparable degrees and GPA’s from international applicants
  • Formal Training for access and use of the UAccess database system
  • Management of the departmental permissions in both MyGradColl and UAccess
  • Annual workshop to review and update Department’s on technology, policy, or procedural changes within the admissions area