Graduate Assistantships/Associateships

Graduate assistantship/associateship (GA) positions at the University of Arizona are competitive. We encourage all students interested in a GA position to contact the department they are interested in working for directly to inquire about available positions.

GA positions at The University of Arizona are designed to:

  • Provide benefits to our students while they work to complete their graduate degrees.
  • Recruit exceptional students to our many graduate programs.
  • Provide support to various colleges and departments on campus with teaching, research, and outreach.
  • Provide hands on learning which allows the student to develop various educational and professional skills.
  • Allow the graduate student to gain an exceptional, varied, and valuable university experience.

The University of Arizona has various appointment titles for Graduate assistants/associates. Each title may have different duties and responsibilities associated with it. Please consult with the hiring department for further clarification of the duties and responsibilities associated with a particular job title. For example, the appointment title of Graduate Associate is reserved for doctoral degree seeking students only.

All new employees of the University of Arizona, as well as all new graduate assistants/associates, must undergo a pre-hire screening process in accordance with ABOR policy 6-709.