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Welcome to the University of Arizona Coverdell Fellows site. If you are (or will be) a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer who wishes to attend graduate school, we encourage you to apply to the UA Coverdell Fellows program.  Use the links below to navigate our site if you are an applicant, a current Fellow, or a community partner.  Please use the menu at the left to review our site, and email or call with any questions you may have.

We Offer

  • A large, welcoming Peace Corps community
  • Excellent academic programs
  • Extensive community engagement and networking
  • Competitive financial support

Community Impact

  • 438,709 hours of service 2000-2019
  • Economic impact of $9.3 million 2000-2019
  • 150+ partner agencies
  • Countless opportunities to "bring service home"

Academic Opportunity

  • 43 master's and doctoral programs available
  • 11 colleges participating
  • 84 national scholarships and fellowships awarded
  • Research and travel grants

A Global Network

  • 43 Fellows in 2021-2022
  • 425 Fellows from August 2000 - June 2019
  • 347 master's degrees and 27 doctoral degrees awarded
  • A worldwide network of alumni

The UA Coverdell Fellows Program at a Glance




The University of Arizona Peace Corps Coverdell Fellows Impact:

"I really didn't understand what I was getting into when I accepted the Peace Corps Fellowship at the UA. I knew it would provide financial benefits. What I didn't know is that would connect me with an entire community in Tucson, Arizona. I didn't know the quality of internship I would find or the mentor who would help me build my professional skills and get me ready for finding a job after graduation. I connected with other students from other disciplines, connected with local service organizations. I found friends in a new place, many of whom remain my closest friends, not just from Tucson, but forever friends. The Peace Corps Fellow program helped me find community when I was far from home… [The Coverdell Fellows program] goes beyond the financial and creates an RPCV community full of opportunities, service, and camaraderie. I would highly encourage anyone considering to just do it –I applied on a whim and it’s one of those happy accidents that forever changed my life for the better. "

- Lauren, Coverdell Fellow Alumna, RPCV Paraguay 2007-2010


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