English Speaking Proficiency Evaluation

An international Graduate Assistant/Associate, Teaching, from a non-English speaking country must demonstrate fluency in spoken English. A passing score on any one of the approved tests is sufficient to qualify for a position. Please note that previous attendance at an English-speaking institution does not satisfy this requirement.

Tests that satisfy the requirement are listed below, along with their minimum passing scores. A passing score from any one of these tests will satisfy this requirement.

  • TBEST – Minimum passing score is 6.8
  • IBT TOEFL - Speaking Section minimum passing score is 24
  • TSE/SPEAK – Minimum passing score is 50

Please note that the TSE/Speak, and TBEST exams are no longer administered, but will be accepted as long as the minimum passing score was met.

For more information on English Proficiency Evaluations please visit http://grad.arizona.edu/admissions/admissions-requirements/international-students/proficiency-in-english