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Appointment Periods and FTE Information

Appointment Period

Appointment Period Start Date End Date
Full Fiscal Year 07/01/2016 06/30/2017
Fall Only Fiscal 07/01/2016 12/31/2016
Spring Only Fiscal 01/01/2017 06/30/2017
Full Academic Year 08/15/2016 05/21/2017
Fall Only Semester 08/15/2016 01/01/2017
Spring Only Semester 01/02/2017 05/21/2017

Hire Priority Date

GAs appointed with a start date before the Hire Priority Date (below) will receive full benefits. Conversely, those ending before those dates will not retain any GA benefits for that semester.  GAs hired on or after the priority date will receive reduced amounts for the GA Remission and GA insurance benefit, if enrolled in the Campus Health coverage.  The GA Remission is prorated by pay period and the GA insurance benefit by day.  Please contact the Graduate College for more information.

Term Hire Priority Date
Fall 2016 September 25 2016
Spring 2017 February 12 2017

FTE Information

GAs are appointed. As such, their reported hours may not be reduced in most cases. During periods where a GA is concurrently enrolled, total on-campus appointment may not exceed 26.4 hours per week (0.66 FTE). International GAs on F-1 or J-1 visas are subject to additional restriction: their appointment may not exceed 20 hours per week (0.50 FTE) while they are concurrently enrolled.

GAs appointed at 0.66 FTE cannot be compensated over their FTE except during winter or summer.  GAs appointed at less than 0.66 that work hours above their designated FTE must be paid via supplemental compensation. A GA may also hold multiple appointments so long as the total FTE does not exceed the restrictions.

The University of Arizona has approved four possible FTE’s and maximum payable hours for GAs.

FTE Hours Per Pay Period
0.25 20.0
0.33 26.4
0.50 40.0
0.66 52.8



Last updated 24 Jun 2016