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Computer Science (PHD) 
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Faculty interests range over both theoretical and experimental aspects of computer science. Specific areas of research strength include programming languages and compilers, networks and operating systems, distributed systems, parallel programming, algorithms, and computational molecular biology, vision, natural language processing, and data visualization. The department provides laboratory facilities and excellent research opportunities for students in a congenial and supportive environment.

Department/Academic Unit(s)

Computer Science -

The Department of Computer Science offers programs leading to the Master of Science and the Doctor of Philosophy degrees with a major in computer science. The department's programs prepare graduate students for positions in the design and development of computer systems and applications in business and industry and for scientific positions in industrial or academic computing research. Areas of research interest within the department currently include analysis of algorithms, cloud computing, compilers, computational biology, database systems, data visualization, embedded systems, natural language processing, networks, operating systems, theory, storage systems, security, and vision.

College of Science  
Campus where offered
Main Campus - Tucson  
Admissions Contact
Chelsea L Skotnicki
Graduate Program Coordinator
Chelsea L Skotnicki
Director of Graduate Studies
Mihai Surdeanu
Graduate College Degree Counselor
Lori D'Anna
Tuition and Fees
Please refer to the UA Bursar's Office Tuition and Fees Calculator for up-to-date information about tuition and fees. 
Please refer to the UA Registrar's's Office Special Course Fees for up-to-date information about special course fees. 

Admissions Information

Admissions Requirements

2 letters of recommendation, preferably former faculty, that speak to your ability to complete a doctoral degree in computer science.

Statement of purpose concerning why you want to attend graduate school at the University of Arizona Department of Computer Science, what specific areas of computer science most interest you and why you want to work with the faculty in these areas, and what you plan to do once you have completed your graduate degree.

Curriculum Vitae including any research you have been involved in, papers you have published, and conferences at which you have presented.

Scanned copies of transcripts from all institutions of higher education you have attended (to include the grade scale normally found on the back of the transcript). Please send transcripts from junior colleges and universities. Do not send your high school transcripts.

Standardized Tests

Required test(s): GRE (all applicants) and TOEFL (international applicants)

Minimum GRE Verbal: 160 (Domestic applicants)
Minimum GRE Quantitative: 162 (All applicants)
Minumum GRE Written: 4.5 (Domestic applicants)

Minimum TOEFL: 100 (International applicants)
Minimum TOEFL Listening: 25
Minimum TOEFL Speak: 24

Minimum IELTS: 7

Financial Aid

Assistantships - Research and Teaching
Tuition Scholarships
Fellowships (GAANN, COS Fellowships, Graduate College)

NOTE: International applicants offered a Teaching Assistantship must pass an English Speaking Proficiency Evaluation upon arrival or have a minimum TOEFL Speak score of 24.

Admissions Deadlines

Domestic Applicants:

  • Fall: January 15

International Applicants:

  • Fall: January 15
International Conditional Admission
International applicants will not be considered for conditional admission by this program.
Other Information
The GRE Institution Code for The University of Arizona is 4832
ETS Major Field Code(s) for this program: 4832, 0401, 0402, 0499
NRC Taxon(a) for this program: Computer Sciences

Degree Specifics

Degree Requirements

Minumum credits: 54
Core coursework: Take one course from Foundations of Systems and one course from Foundations of Theory and additional four courses from any area (6 courses total).

Foundations of Systems
525 Principles of Computer Networking
552 Advanced Operating Systems
553 Principles of Compilation
576 Computer Architecture

Foundations of Theory
545 Design and Analysis of Algorithms
573 Theory of Computation

Applications of Computing
520 Principles of Programming Languages
522 Parallel and Distributed Programming
533 Computer Graphics
547 Green Computing
560 Database Systems Implementation
566 Computer Security
550 Algorithms in Bioinformatics
537 Computational Geometry
577 Introduction to Computer Vision

6 units of major electives in Computer Science.

12 units of research in Computer Science.

18 units of dissertation coursework.

Other requirements: A grade of B or better is required for any course applied toward the core curriculum. Courses in which a C is earned may be used toward major elective requirements. Courses in which a D or lower is earned will be included in the graduate GPA, but cannot be include in the plan of study.

Language requirements: None

Minor Requirements

A PhD minor consists of nine-twelve units of coursework. A minor is required for the PhD in Computer Science. Students may choose a minor outside computer science that complements their research or they may elect an internal computer science minor. Students electing the internal minor must complete 9 units of CSC home-department courses or a set of courses approved by the faculty advisor. A grade of `A' or `B' must be earned in all minor courses. Students must apply and be accepted to the minor.

Student Handbook
The Academic Unit has not provided this information.  

Program StatisticsInformation about these numbers

Program-level Information
Application Acceptance Rate 30%
Med. Time-to-degree (years) 5.25
Department-level Information
Enrollment Percent Male 72%
Enrollment Percent Female 28%
Enrollment Percent International 67%
Enrollment Percent URM 7%

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