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Peace Corps Coverdell Fellow Forms and Resources:

Once an assistantship assignment is secured, submit the appropriate forms as follows:

  • Work Study acceptance form to Scholarships and Financial Aid. See your UAccess Financial Aid tab for your work study offer. Off campus organizations should have an authorized Work Study contract executed through the University. They must submit a position description, hiring information, and must invoice Financial Aid regularly for reimbursement.
  • Graduate Assistantship forms are processed by the hiring unit.
  • Submit a copy of your position description to the UA Coverdell Fellows office, including organization, contact information for your supervisor, and a description of your goals and duties. The Basic Internship Agreement should be completed with the Coverdell Fellows Program.

The Moving to Tucson Guide (2017-2018) is a helpful compilation of advice and experience from Fellows.

Last updated 8 Nov 2017