2021 Graduates

Heather Altherr, M.D.P. Development Practice
OA: Southwest Decision Resources
PC Zambia, 2011-2014

Ramzy Bejjani, M.L.A. Landscape Architecture
Landscape Designer
OA: Living Streets Alliance
PC Ethiopia, 2016-2018

Maiya Block Ngaybe, M.P.H. Health Behavior Health PromotionDoctoral student in Public Health, MEZCOPH
OA: UA SIROW, Coverdell GA, volunteer Casa Alitas
PC Cameroon, 2016-2018

Keyania Campbell, M.A. Applied Intercultural Arts Research - Ethnomusicology
Doctoral student in Applied Intercultural Arts Research, UArizona
OA: Owl and Panther, Parkinson and Movement Disorder Alliance
PC Albania, 2016-2018

Gabriela Coronel, M.P.H. Policy & Management
Research Coordinator at Psychosocial Research in Oncology (PRO) Lab, UArizona 
OA: UArizona Pyschology Department, PRO Lab Abrazo GC
PC Ecuador, 2017-2019

Jack DeBoer, M.D.P. Development Practice
OA: Pima County Smartscape; Catholic Relief Services Emergency Operations
PC Ethiopia, 2015-2018

Abram Farley, M.S. Hydrology
OA: Education Outreach with Hydrology and College of Engineering; PC Club Officer
PC Tanzania, 2016-2018

Isabella Fassi, M.A. Latin American Studies & M.P.A. Public Administration
Missing Migrant Program Associate, Colibri Center
OA: Colibri Center for Human Rights
PC Malawi, 2013-2015

Dexter Gulick, M.P.H. Policy and Management
Medical student, University of Arizona, Phoenix campus
OA: Pima County Health Department
PC Madagascar, 2017-2018

Brandon Gustafson, M.Ed. Teaching & Teacher Education - Teach Arizona
English Language Development Teacher, Sunnyside Unified School District
OA: Manzo Elementary School
PC  Paraguay, 2017-2020

Lauren Jaeger, M.P.H. Health Behavior Health Promotion & M.B.A. Eller School of Management
Associate Product Marketing Manager at Penumbra
OA: United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona; GA Coverdell Fellows program
PC Moldova, 2015-2017

Briauna Jones, M.Ed. In Teaching & Teacher Education 
English Language Teacher, Sunnyside Unified School District
OA: Cooper Environmental Center
PC Peru, 2017-2019

Paul La Farga, M.S. Urban Planning
OA: UArizona Water Resources Research Center
PC Paraguay, 2017-2019

Russell Levesque, M.S. Entry to the Profession of Nursing
OA: UArizona Psychology Dept. PRO Lab
PC Guatemala, 2004-2006

Sean Maccabe, M.L.A. in Landscape Architecture
OA: Mission Garden; UArizona Center for Regional Food Studies
PC The Gambia 2015-2017

Sehdia Mansaray, M.D.P. Development Practice
Consultant, TANGO International
AGU Thriving Earth Exchange Community Science Fellow
Africa Project Management Intern, Management Systems International
OA: Phenology Network USA; Arizona Master Naturalist Association
PC Senegal, 2016-2018

Hannah Martin, M.P.H. Health Behavior Health Promotion
UArizona Peace Corps STRAT
Volunteer at Casa Alitas
PC Benin, 2016-2018

Hennessy Miller, M.Ed. Secondary Education - Science
M.S. Watershed Management and Ecohydrolgy
Middle School Teacher Sunnyside Unified School District
Hydrologist, Environmental Science Associates
OA: Billy Lane Lauffer Middle School, SUSD, Project WET Foundation
PC Panama, 2013-2015

Rae Richards, M.Ed. Teaching & Teacher Education - Teach Arizona
Social Studies Teacher, Flowing Wells Unified School District
OA: United Way - Cradle to Career Workforce Development Data Coordinator
PC Thailand, 2017-2019

Rebecca Roeder, M.S. Speech-Language Pathology
OA: UArizona Speech & Hearing Clinic
PC Peru, 2016-2018

Hannah Scott, M.P.H. Policy & Management
Policy Director, Arizona Community Health Workers Association INC
OA: Casa Alitas; Colibric Center; Policy Internship with AZ State Senate
PC Guatemala, 2014-2016

Zachary Sibberson, M.S. Water, Society & Policy
Environmental Specialist II, Arizona Department of Environmental Quality
OA: Primavera Foundation; City of Tucson Water Dept./Green Stormwater Infrastructure
PC Nicaragua, 2015-2017

Achishai (David) Thalenberg, M.A. Latin American Studies & M.P.A. Public Administration
International Relations Specialist, Bureau of International Labor Affairs
OA: Wage & Hour Divsion, U.S. Dept. of Labor, Colibri Center for Human Rights; Parkinson & Movement Disorder Alliance
PC Paraguay, 2016-2018

Alexis Wait, M.P.H. Family and Child Health - Global
OA: Pacific AIDS Education Training Center, Community and Family Medicine
PC Sierra Leone, 2017-2018

Jacy Woodruff, M.B.A. Business Administration
Program Analyst, Office of Budget, Finance, and Award Management, Program Analysis Branch, National Science Foundation (NSF)
Management Analyst Intern, Office of Budget, Finance and Award Management, Budget Division, NSF
OA: Peace Corps Prep Program
PC Panama, 2011-2013

Congratulations to Coverdell Alumni who completed the Ph.D. this year:

Lauren Harvey

Abby Lohr

Breanne Lott

Emily Palese

James Romine

Mario Trejo