COVID-19 Graduate Student Outreach

Dear Graduate Students,

Hopefully, you have already been working with your department and other units for resources and information regarding COVID-19. As the Graduate College Diversity Team, your wellbeing is of paramount importance to us. We know this crisis is impacting you at many levels and in many ways. Our goal is to hold space for you by organizing two resources that break isolation and promote wellness. Whether you have a strong support system in place, are seeking to make connections, or have concerns that have not been met, our team is here to help. 

Phone Chats and Zoom Meetings:  These chats and virtual meetings are designed to extend an ethic of care and support for you! The phone chats are a safe, confidential space to raise any unanswered questions or concerns related to the COVID-19 crisis.  The weekly zoom meetings have been organized as a time to build/maintain a sense of belongingness, community and solidarity amongst graduate students of color. The zoom meetings will take place every Tuesday, 4pm-5pm. All are welcome. Each week, we will feature a relevant campus resource to improve your UA experience.  The meetings are not meant to be additional work, but a place to relax, check in with friends, and learn useful information.  Stop by briefly or stay for the hour. Both the phone chats and zoom meetings will be staffed by Nura Dualeh, an experienced, culturally responsive Graduate College professional.  For a phone chat, call 520-461-7858 and for zoom, join at this URL:

Graduate College and Campus Resources: A Covid-19 Graduate Student Resource List is available at: Check these resources periodically to stay informed about the support UArizona is providing its talented and resilient graduate students.  In addition, visit the Student Success Resource Page at:

Lastly, like many of us, you may be experiencing information overload. If this is the case, take a short break and check out this excellent CAPS wellness link that celebrates your strength and resilience!  Practice self-care, reach out for help, and connect with loved ones.  You are valued by your friends, faculty, graduate program, and of course the Graduate College. 

We are in this together!

Dr. Frans Tax, Associate Dean, Student Affairs and Diversity & Inclusion
Graduate College Diversity & Inclusion Team

Team Members:
Donna Treloar
Dr. Andrew Huerta
Nura Dualeh
Holly Lopez
Victoria Juvera
Tianna MacMeans