IMSD Student Participation

The University of Arizona (UA) Initiatives to Maximize Student Development (IMSD) program has two specific objectives: 1) To increase the number of URM graduate students enrolled in biomedical Ph.D. programs at UA. 2) To provide research skills and motivation for  UA undergraduate students to enter biomedical Ph.D. programs through our Minority Health Disparities Summer Research Opportunities Program (MHD).
  • In fall 2000, prior to the IMSD grant, 19 URM doctoral students, or 7% of the total enrollment, were enrolled in the 16 participating biomedical programs. By fall 2010, 57 URM doctoral students, or 20% of total enrollment, were enrolled in the 17 participating biomedical programs.
  • Nationally, 12.9% of graduate students in biological science graduate programs are URM (CGS/GRE survey of Graduate Enrollment Degrees, 2008). At UA, 17.3% of biological science graduate students were URM in both 2008 and 2009, and 20% in 2010.
  • Over the last 10 years, URM graduate students at the University of Arizona have increased from 777 students to 1,185, a 53% increase.
  • URMs now comprise 20% of all UA graduate students, ranking the UA at the very top of all Research I, AAU-member universities.
Last updated 18 Aug 2016