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GradPath is the Graduate College’s nearly paperless degree audit process that makes tracking and monitoring student progress much easier. Students are able to fill in and submit forms online through UAccess Student. Forms have some automatic checking built in that prevent common errors (e.g., typos in course numbers, illegible faculty names, etc.). There is also built-in logic to notify students when there is a problem with their forms, such as courses outside our time limit. Such messages include links to policy.

The automated workflow engine routes the electronic forms to everyone who needs to see or approve them - each approver is notified by email when a form is awaiting review and approval, with a link in the email to go straight to the form.

Departmental Approvers need only to be logged in (off-campus use requires VPN). To access GradPath, they will need to have completed FERPA training.

If you have any further questions, please contact the degree counselor for your program.

GradPath User Guides

Our GradPath User Guides describe the various stages & functions of managing degree progress in GradPath.

GradPath Frequently Asked Questions