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June 7 - August 11, 2021

The University of Arizona Graduate College administers the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Consortium (UROC).  Five of the participating research programs in the consortium are Graduate College supported programs as follows.

These five programs along with our affiliated programs, primarily NSF-funded Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REUs), are collectively known as UROC (pronounced you-rock). Brief descriptions and links to all of the programs' web pages are provided below. Visit individual program websites for more detailed information.

UROC  provides participants with excellent research training and graduate school preparation through:

  • research experience under the guidance of a faculty mentor
  • professional development and graduate admission workshops
  • a free professional GRE workshop and encouragement to take the GRE during UROC (mandatory for some programs)
  • social opportunities and a support network of like-minded peers
  • poster session, oral presentation, and abstract writing.

Financial support is provided (the amount varies by program).

There are many reasons for embarking on graduate study. Higher earnings and lower unemployment rates are two good reasons. Check out the recent US Bureau of Labor Statistics Data.

Typical eligibility requirements:

  • Class standing
  • US citizen or permanent resident
  • 3.0 GPA or above
  • Strong interest in pursuing graduate education, particularly in earning a master’s or PhD.

About the Graduate College UROC application process:

  • Graduate College UROC programs (Summer Research Institute, Ronald E. McNair Program, Minimizing Health Disparities, Maximizing Access to Research Careers, UROC-PREP/AWARDSS) share a common application. 
  • The final application deadline for:
    Ronald E. McNair Achievement Program is November 2.
    - UROC-PREP/AWARDSS is November 15th.
    - All other UROC programs deadline is February 1st or as posted per program.
  • Please read the instructions carefully and review the application before you complete it since it is best to take time to write some of your responses separately and then cut and paste them into the application.  The application must be completed in one sitting.
  • For the UROC on-line application: CLICK HERE

2021 Summer Program Dates:

  • June 7 - August 11 
  • A full-time commitment of 40 hours/wk is required.

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Tell a friend! Flyers to share:

McNair Logo

The Ronald E. McNair Achievement Program is a year-round undergraduate research and mentoring program for UA students who come from backgrounds underrepresented in graduate education and have interest in pursuing a doctoral degree (PhD).  Funded through a grant from the U.S. Department of Education, McNair primarily recruits students in the STEM fields and assists them in developing the skills necessary to excel in their academic studies and assistance in admission into a doctoral program.  Students interested in professional school (i.e. MD, JD, DVM) are not eligible.

Application Deadline: November 2.

Contact: Dr. Andrew Huerta or Holly Lopez

English 340 students, summer 2013


UROC-PREP is a year-round undergraduate research and mentoring program for UA students who come from backgrounds underrepresented in graduate education and have interest in pursuing a graduate degree (Master’s or PhD). This program is for UA students only and is open to juniors and seniors of all disciplines, including social science, humanities, fine arts, and STEM. There is a spring semester writing intensive component, that leads into summer research, and concludes with a one-unit graduate school preparation course in the fall. Students interested in professional school (i.e. MD, JD, DVM) are not eligible. View/share the UROC-PREP flyer:

Application Deadline: November 15.

Contact: Dr. Andrew Huerta 

Students and faculty interaction at poster session

Access, Wellness, and Relational Determinants of School Success (AWARDSS)

The AWARDSS Program, funded by the Institute of Education Sciences, U.S. Department of Education to The University of Arizona in collaboration with the UA College of Education, UA South, and UA Graduate College, blends research mentorship, graduate school preparation, and networking for a flexible, high quality research/preparation experience.  The primary focus of AWARDSS is to provide upper-level undergraduate students, recent graduates, and terminal master's students with experiences conducting educational research while preparing for doctoral study.  The interdisciplinary training program's theme focuses on examining individual and societal contributions to student success.
Application Deadline: November 15.


Summer Research Institute

Summer Research Institute (SRI) 

SRI, funded by The University of Arizona Graduate College, is open to juniors and seniors of all disciplines, including social science, humanities, fine arts, and STEM.  SRI accepts students from other universities as funding is available.

Application Deadline: February 1.

Contact: Donna Treloar

Students listening intently to graduate school preparation speaker Don Asher

Maximizing Access to Research Careers Program (MARC)

This is a unique research, mentoring, financial, and academic opportunity for undergraduates belonging to a group considered underrepresented in biomedical research and who have interest and potential to pursue a career in this broad field. Benefits include training and financial support for the last two years of enrollment at UA. MARC Trainees from other schools are invited to participate in MHD, which meets jointly with the UA MARC program during the summer.

Application Deadline: February 1.

Contact: Cindy Neal

Student working in mosquito lab


Minimizing Health Disparities  (MHD)

MHD, funded by The University of Arizona (UA) Graduate College, focuses on health issues that affect minority communities in a disproportionate manner. Open to junior or senior biomedical majors interested in continuing their education at the PhD level, MHD accepts students from other universities as funding is available.

Application Deadline: February 1.

Contact: Holly Lopez


All UROC students showcase their research at the annual UROC conference

Biosphere 2 Research Experiences for Undergraduates NSF REU

UA’s Biosphere 2 facility is the site of this summer research experience. By using a multidisciplinary approach (involving disciplines such as hydrology, geology, geochemistry, ecology, biology, physics, engineering, and atmospheric sciences) research teams focus on understanding how earth systems respond to environmental change. Open to freshmen, sophomores, and juniors.

Application Deadline: March 1.

Contact: Katerina Dontsova

CatVehicle students engaged in conversation

Electrical and Computer Engineering Cat Vehicle NSF REU

This research experience for undergraduates (REU)  is engaged in the myriad of applications that are related to autonomous ground vehicles. Each summer, 10 NSF-funded undergraduate students participate in an immersive research experience, sitting side-by-side with graduate researchers and working on one of the most compelling, and complex, applications of today: autonomous systems.

Application Deadline: February 15.

Contact: Nancy Emptage

UROC provides many professional development workshops and activities

Integrated Optics for Undergraduates (IOU) NSF REU

UA is the lead institution for this NSF Engineering Research Center. Students work collaboratively with faculty, graduate students, and other professionals on research projects that focus on creating ultra-broadband communication networks using photonics and various other optics applications.

Application Deadline: Feb 1

Contact: Trin Riojas

IOU-NA 2014 Cohort

Integrated Optics for Undergraduate Native Americans (IOU-NA) NSF REU

This Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program is designed for Native American students interested in participating in hands-on research opportunities in one of the following topics: optics and photonics, hydrology, soil sciences, atmospheric sciences, and environmental sciences. IOU-NA students will also participate in Native American focused workshops facilitated by University of Arizona’s Native American-serving entities, gain hands-on experience in CIAN’s two-week Optics Research Workshop (ORW), attend presentations given by Native American STEM graduate students and Native American STEM faculty, as well as participate in other activities designed specially to support Native American Undergraduate students.

Application Deadline: February 1

Contact: Trin Riojas

RiO students working on a project.

Research in Optics (RiO)

The UA College of Optical Sciences is internationally recognized for its innovative research programs. Our research covers a broad set of technologies and techniques for using the properties and applications of light, touching virtually every field of science and industry. Our faculty are innovative and decorated — and constantly expanding the boundaries of optics knowledge. Apply to become part of the experience by doing an REU with our Research in Optics (RiO) program! This program is geared towards students in the STEM fields and open to rising juniors and seniors or second year community college students.

Application Deadline: March 1

Contact: Amber Soergel

For information on additional undergraduate research programs at The University of Arizona, visit: http://ur.arizona.edu
- Health science programs or medical school: http://ahsc.arizona.edu/outreach-resources (see BLAISER and FRONTERA)

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