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2016 Marshall Foundation Dissertation Fellows Announced

Submitted on December 10, 2015

The Graduate College is pleased to announce that six graduate students will be receiving the prestigious Marshall Foundation Dissertation-Fellowship for final-phase dissertation support.  In addition to a stipend from the Louise F.  Marshall Foundation, each student will receive a tuition scholarship for two semesters from the UA Graduate College.

This year’s recipients are:

Christina Ore de Boehm – Policy and Management at Zuckerman College of Public Health - Dissertation Title: “Yaqui Health Development: A Framework for Assessing Capacity within a Yaqui Public Health System”.

Cyf Ramos-Colon – Pharmaceutical Sciences: Drug Discovery and Development - Dissertation Title: “Development of Novel Kappa Opioid Receptor Antagonists with Short Duration of Action”.

Katherine E. Freeman – Gender and Women's Studies - Dissertation Title: “Tourism, Security, and Global Power: Tracing the Socioeconomic Impacts of Gender, Race, and Class in Guatemala"

Lauren Hayes – Anthropology - Dissertation Title: “The Social Dynamics of Lean Manufacturing: An Ethnographic Study of Factory Work in Appalachian Kentucky”.

Loren Albert – Ecology and Evolutionary Biology - Dissertation Title: “Temperature, Seasonality, and Critical Climate Periods: Key Uncertainties in Carbon Cycling with a Changing Climate”.

Timothy Vandervoet – Entomology and Insect Science - Dissertation Title: “The Incorporation of Conservation Biological Control into Bemisia Tabaci Management in Cotton”.

All these outstanding students are Ph.D. Candidates and Arizona residents.  Please join us in congratulating them for their accomplishments and for receiving this prestigious award.