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Fall 2017 Graduate Enrollment Management (GEM) Series

Submitted on July 26, 2017

The Graduate College is excited to announce a series of workshops on the topic of Graduate Enrollment Management. The series starts in late August and ends in January, 2018. This series is designed for faculty, directors of graduate study, graduate admission committee members, and graduate coordinators.  Graduate enrollment management (GEM) is a systematic approach to managing the graduate student life cycle from initial awareness to alumna/alumnus by integrating the core functions associated with the enrollment and support of a graduate student.

Offerings include:

  • best practices in graduate recruitment
  • how to optimize graduate admissions and reviewing practices
  • managing and mentoring graduate assistants
  • building community and professional culture
  • shortening time to degree and improving completion
  • grants and fellowships
  • professional development and career pathways
  • tracking graduate success
  • post-graduate support.

View the calendar of events and register at:

Please direct any questions about the GEM series to Janet Sturman, Associate Dean or Stephanie Adamson, Director of Recruitment and Marketing Communications.