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Graduate Program Submission Deadline for Fall 2020 Extended

Submitted on October 29, 2020

In recognition of the significant challenges posed by Covid 19 with regard to completion of coursework, research,  and fine and performing arts requirements, the Graduate College has extended the final submission deadline for Fall 2020 for the completion of Graduate Certificates, Master’s and Doctoral Degrees. All graduate program requirements must be met and submitted to the Graduate College by January 12, 2021. This includes course completion, Master’s Completion Reports, and/or the submission of final Doctoral Dissertation or other Doctoral Project (DMA, DNP).

The Graduate Degree Completion Timeline, Requirements, and Recommendations can be found on the Important Degree Dates and Deadlines page. Please review the timeline for recommended dates for oral examinations and defenses to ensure students have enough time to complete final project revisions.

Please note that the Graduate College requests that oral examinations, thesis, and doctoral defenses continue to be held remotely via ZOOM or other platforms such as Skype. Students and faculty may use facilities at the University of Arizona to host remote meetings.

The members of the Graduate College wish everyone a successful mid-term as we start moving to the conclusion of Fall 2020.