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2021 Marshall Foundation Dissertation Fellowship Awardees

Submitted on February 24, 2021

The Graduate College is pleased to announce the recipients of the prestigious Marshall Foundation Dissertation Fellowship and the Dr. Maria Teresa Velez Marshall Dissertation Scholarship for final-phase dissertation support. In addition to a stipend from the Louise F. Marshall Foundation and the Graduate College, each student will receive student health insurance for the term of the award and a Graduate Tution Scholarships for up to 2 semesters.

Spring 2021 Marshall Foundation Dissertation Fellowship recipients:

  • Tamee Albrecht, Geography – “Water Governance in Transboundary Arid Regions: Coordinating across Jurisdictions and Resource Sectors”
  • David Knoff, Biomedical Engineering – “Artificial Protein Biopolymer Design to Mimic Protein Nano-mechanics at the Macroscale for Cardiovascular Biomaterials”
  • Cesar Medina, Neuroscience – “Vocal Deficits in an Alpha-Synuclein Overexpression Model of Parkinson's Disease”
  • Khalid Omer, Optical Sciences – “Deep Learning for Polarization Imaging”
  • Roberta Tayah, Language, Reading & Culture – ”Family Stories:  How Homes and Schools Influence and Navigate Career Pathway for Navajo High School Students”
  • Norma Nohemi Villagómez-Márquez, Environmental Science – “Chemicals of Emerging Concern Measured in Roof-Harvested Rainwater from Rural and Urban Communities in Arizona”
  • Rebekah Waller, Biosystems Engineering – “Food + Energy: The Integration of Greenhouse Crop Production Systems with Organic Photovoltaics”


Spring 2021 Dr. Maria Teresa Velez - Marshall Foundation Dissertation Scholarship recipient:

  • Diana Zamora-Reyes, Hydrology – “Enhanced Hydroclimatic Variability in the Southwestern US”