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2022 Marshall Foundation Dissertation Fellowship Awardees

Submitted on January 7, 2022

The Graduate College is pleased to announce the recipients of the prestigious Marshall Foundation Dissertation Fellowship and the Dr. Maria Teresa Velez Marshall Dissertation Scholarship for final-phase dissertation support. In addition to a stipend from the Louise F. Marshall Foundation and the Graduate College, each student will receive student health insurance for the term of the award and a Graduate Tution Scholarships for up to 2 semesters.

Spring 2022 Marshall Foundation Dissertation Fellowship recipients:

  • Kathryn Chenard, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology (PHD) - "Maternal Influences on Brain Structural Trade-offs and the Evolution of Personality"
  • Kelsey Gonzalez, Sociology (PHD) - "Online Search Tools, Information-Seeking Behaviors, and The Formation of New Norms in Health Behaviors"
  • Susana Sepulveda, Gender & Women's Studies (PHD) - "Travesando Chicana Punk"
  • Kasey Stuart, Art History & Education (PHD) - Art and Visual Culture Education - "I Found it, I Liked It, I Taught It:  Exploring Preservice Art Teachers’ Use of Social Media in Curriculum Development"
  • Marie Tanaka, School Psychology (PHD) - "Critical Race Theory and Teachers of Adolescent Newcomer Immigrants"
  • Barbara Teso, Mexican American Studies (PHD) - "Borderlands Feminisms, Marginalized Knowledges, and Borderlands Activisms Research Study"

Spring 2022 Dr. Maria Teresa Velez - Marshall Foundation Dissertation Scholarship recipient:

  • Carmen L'Annunziata Monge, Gender & Women's Studies (PHD) - "Scenes of Separation at the Mexico-U.S. Border and Beyond"