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Sanctions and Export Control Affecting Travel and Studies

Submitted on April 5, 2022

TO:                      Graduate Students and Advisors

FROM:                Maggie Pitts, Associate Dean Graduate College

RE:                       Sanctions and Export Control Affecting Travel and Studies

DATE:                  5 April 2022


OVERVIEW:  As summer travel approaches, remember to register your University international travel at This Registry automates the review and approval process, which is necessary for official travel. Research, attending conferences, and other activities connected to your graduate studies or funded by the University of Arizona are official travel. Give at least one month for the approval process- longer if sanctions are involved.

TRAVEL APPROVALS:  International travel determined elevated risk may require additional review by the International Travel Safety Committee and department head, dean, or provost.  Travel to Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus are currently suspended by the Provost.

SANCTIONS:  Travel to or other engagement with countries facing extensive sanctions and embargoes (including Iran, Cuba, and Russia) requires review to determine if an OFAC license is necessary.  The federal licenses can take up to a year to receive.  Register as soon as possible or contact Export Control directly for guidance.  Remember remote activities with individuals in these countries may also require authorization.

EXPORT CONTROLS:  Transporting equipment and items may be subject to export control regulations and require approvals. Indicate if you will travel with specialized items in the registration, and Export Control will provide guidance.

PROTECTING INFORMATION:  The University recommends that individuals traveling abroad take a loaner or “clean” laptop (i.e., only basic operating systems) to reduce data and identity theft risks. Several countries restrict the import of encrypted devices and software, and in some cases, the export of encryption software requires U.S. government authorization. This includes the use of DUO in certain countries. 

The University of Arizona recognizes that international travel, research, and collaboration are important components of your studies. Global Travel, Export Control, and the Graduate College look forward to working with you to address safety and federal requirements.