Expand Access Through Scholarships and Fellowships

General Scholarship and Fellowship support

DonateUA Cares Graduate Scholarship funds are used to provide support to graduate students with financial need or academic merit.

Specific Scholarship and Fellowship Opportunities

Donate The International Arid Lands Consortium Scholars Award supports graduate students whose studies focus on identifying solutions to food, land and/or water challenges in semi-arid and arid lands.

Donate The Peace Corps Coverdell Fellows Program at the University of Arizona provides .25 FTE graduate assistantships for four academic semesters (excluding summer) to support internships in the Tucson community. The award provides reduced tuition to instate, 1/2 of the remaining instate (excluding program fees) and student health insurance. Complete information is available at the Peace Corps Coverdell Fellows Program website.

DonateThe Peter Likins Graduate Fellowship Award recognizes the outstanding vision, leadership, and unwavering commitment to diversity and excellence of the 18th President of the University of Arizona.  Funding donations support the annual Fellowship award, which recognizes a current graduate student who has overcome substantial adversity to be accepted for admission and demonstrates successful academic progress in their Master’s or doctoral graduate program at The University of Arizona.

Donate The mission of the Richard A. Harvill Memorial Endowment recognizes the knowledge of Dr. Harvill, who served as The University of Arizona's 14th president, during a period in which the university began its furious post-war enrollment growth, and the institution took its place among the leading research universities of the west. Funding support for the Richard A. Harvill Graduate Fellowship award targets University of Arizona senior undergraduates, domestic or international, who have completed a bachelor's degree at The University of Arizona and will be joining a University of Arizona doctoral program.

DonateRobert and Ethel Warner Scholarship funds are used to provide scholarships to graduate students of US citizenship at the University of Arizona. Mr. Warner was a graduate of the University of Arizona, College of Engineering in 1937.

Donate Russell J. and Dorothy (Doro) S. Bilinski's goal in life was to be independent and challenged intellectually. They strongly believed in people being self-sufficient, ambitious, and above all, responsible. Both Russell and Doro were true intellectuals, as well as being adventuresome, independent and driven. Russell was a researcher, academician and an entrepreneur. Doro was an accomplished artist and patron of the arts. Russell and Doro believed that education was a means to obtain independence, and this is the legacy they wished to pass on to others.  The Bilinski Educational Foundation was established to fulfill this legacy by providing fellowship funds for post-secondary education for students who have demonstrated, and are likely to maintain, both the highest academic achievement and good moral character, but who lack the financial resources to pay for the highest caliber post-secondary education.

DonateThe Wiley, Chrystine, Linda and Barbara Peterson Scholarship fund supports scholarships for graduate students enrolled in the University of Arizona School of Dance or current/former members of one of the University of Arizona basketball teams.

Graduate Interdisciplinary Programs (GIDP) Scholarship and Fellowship support

DonateThe Andrew C. Comrie Graduate Interdisciplinary Programs Doctoral Fellowship targets doctoral track students enrolled in one of the Graduate Interdisciplinary Program Ph.D. majors who have advanced to candidacy and are focused on completing their dissertation (no more than 75% complete). This completion fellowship supports the awardee for one academic year while they devote fulltime effort toward the dissertation completion and participate in no less than 3 professional development workshops offered through the Graduate Center.

Donate The Applied Biosciences Merit Scholarship is specific to students enrolled in the Applied Biosciences GIDP and will be awarded to students based on their academic merit (holding a 3.2 cumulative GPA) and scholarship.

Donate Contributions to the Cognitive Science Gift Account are used to provide support to graduate students and may include salary, research or travel support.

Donate The Don Wilson Applied Mathematics Endowed Fund for Excellence was established to honor the memory of Don Wilson, a University of Arizona Research Professor in the College of Optical Sciences, with the purpose of providing support for the professional development of graduate students in the Program in Applied Mathematics. Dr. Wilson worked very closely with Harry Barrett’s renowned medical imaging group and helped train many of the Applied Mathematics students who worked in that group. One of those students, Jack Hoppin PhD and his wife Janna Murgia, made a generous gift to the Program that enabled the fund to be established.

Donate The Herbert E. Carter Travel Award Program was established in honor of Dr. Carter's spirit and passion for interdisciplinary scholarship and research in higher education. The award provides up to $600 per year to Graduate Interdisciplinary Program (GIDP) students for National or International travel to a professional meeting. Applications will be reviewed by the Graduate Interdisciplinary Programs Advisory Council (GIDPAC). Complete background information, eligibility and application procedures are available on the Carter Award webpage.

Donate The Henry Hagendorn Endowment will be used toward funding a guest speaker and speaker series events. Students enrolled in the Entomology and Insect Science Graduate Interdisciplinary Program, along with program faculty, will have an opportunity to become familiar with the speaker’s research program and interact with through individual meetings and group events.

Donate The endowment will support an annual distinguished lectureship in Genetics at the University of Arizona in honor of Dr. Margaret Kidwell, Regents’ Professor Emerita of the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and previous chair of Genetics GIDP. The fund is established to provide students enrolled in the Graduate Interdisciplinary Program in Genetics an opportunity to participate in events with visiting scientists commissioned to participate in an annual speaker series.

Donate The Michael Tabor Fellowship Endowment has been established to honor Dr. Michael Tabor and his unending efforts to support students and research. Funds for this fellowship will be used to support a student enrolled in the University of Arizona’s Applied Mathematics Graduate Interdisciplinary Program.

Donate The Graduate Interdisciplinary Programs (GIDP) started the Raphael and Jolene Gruener Research Travel Award in 2011. The Grueners have been tireless supporters of interdisciplinary research and education at the University of Arizona. They are also well known for their love of travel. The Gruener endowment will support awards that fund GIDP student research travel, bringing together these two passions of the Grueners.

Donate Donations to Research in Genetics GIDP are used to purchase items needed by the genetics program in support of the students.

Donate The SLAT Program Fund helps support students in their research and travel endeavors, as well as providing critical retention funds for doctoral students facing economic need. The SLAT Program Fund also provides scholarships and financial support to students and faculty who merit special recognition. Beyond these two main purposes, the fund serves to support the fundraising efforts of the SLAT Student Association and the SLAT Alumni Association, as well as funding the occasional purchase for the office to support the program.

Donate The Tim and Diane Bowden Cancer Biology Research Fund is used to support the Cancer Biology program’s graduate, post-graduate and research needs at the Arizona Cancer Center.