Provide Foundational Support

Donate The Graduate Fund for Excellence will broadly support all three Graduate College strategic goals and new initiatives.

Donate The last year of graduate and professional school training is one of the most critical periods in an individual’s training. This might include professional certification exams (medical, veterinary, pharmacy or law), exhibition and performance events (music and fine arts), publication of their scholarly work in peer reviewed journals and most importantly dedicated time to complete writing a thesis or dissertation. These completion steps incur additional financial costs that are not covered by student assistantships or tuition and these costs can delay a student’s degree completion. Providing support to these students will help them finish the final elements of their training and facilitate their career progression.

To designate your gift to this initiative, please write “promising practice and completion scholarships” in the comment box.

Levels of support:

  • $500 - would support professional certification exams
  • $1,000 -  would support exhibition and performance events
  • $2,000 - would support publication fees

Donate Presenting at national and international conferences is a culminating and transformative experience for graduate students. As noted in the student quotes below, these events build communication skills and broaden scientific networks. 

To designate your gift to this initiative, please write “travel awards” in the comment box.

  • This was “much needed financial support that allowed me to attend a conference where I was able to gain experience in presenting my research and attend presentations about the latest research developments, adding to my repertoire of knowledge and expertise as a trainee and professional.”
  • This travel award “allowed me to network with other academics, from which I ended up getting my current job.”
  • “I would not otherwise have attended a conference because it was too pricy to pay out of pocket.”
  • “Presenting my research work to domain experts gave me the chance to improve my public speaking skills to an audience with a variety backgrounds. This skill is rarely taught in classroom. It is important to have solid communication skills to convey the research idea to people with variety backgrounds.”

DonateUA Cares Graduate Scholarship funds are used to provide support to graduate students with financial need or academic merit.


Undergraduate Research Opportunities Consortium (UROC): UROC (pronounced you-rock) is administered by the University of Arizona Graduate College, provides participants with excellent research training and graduate school preparation through:

  • research experience under the guidance of a faculty mentor
  • professional development and graduate admission workshops
  • social networking and a community building with like-minded peers
  • poster session, oral presentation, and abstract writing
  • a free comprehensive GRE workshop
  • A $5,000 summer stipend (award amount and disbursement varies by program)

To designate your gift to this initiative, please write “UROC” in the comment box.

Donate The University Fellows Program is the flagship initiative of the Graduate College Graduate Center. The program includes a fellowship offered to the University's highest-ranked incoming doctoral and Master's students in select terminal Master's degree programs. Recipients of the fellowship receive a competitive financial package, professional development programming, mentoring and community engagement opportunities, and a richly interdisciplinary cohort. The goals of the University Fellows Program are to recruit the best students to the University of Arizona; develop interdisciplinary scholars, artists, and practitioners who are the next generation of leaders; and promote collaborative innovation on campus and throughout our broader communities.

To designate your gift to this initiative, please write “university fellows endowment” in the comment box.