Attain Professional Development Skills

Donate Sustainable change requires more than one discipline to solve these Grand Challenges and expanding student’s competencies in cross-disciplinary collaborations will lead to more innovative solutions. National employer surveys and labor market analysis have clearly documented the need for students to receive “soft skill” training. This semester long, cohort-based training coalesces graduate students across diverse disciplines to gain knowledge and skills in developing effective teams, incorporating innovation and the entrepreneurial mindset and communicating with individuals across disciplines including media. Students are matched with an industry coach from a job sector that aligns with their career goals who can give them industry perspectives, help the students build a network, and guide the student in understanding the skillsets required to be successful.

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Donate Effective written communication is an essential skill developed during graduate school training. The GWL serves all levels of graduate student writers through one-on-one tutoring, writing sessions, writing groups, and workshops. Through the expert guidance from certified tutors, students build healthy writing habits and confidence in their ability to be effective communicators. Supporting the GWL will impact students through improved retention and time to degree and helps the economy as students are more prepared to enter the workforce.

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