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Summer/Winter Session Instructors

  • Students who are not graduating should, in most cases, be hired with the GA title.
  • All Graduate Assistants/Associates (including GAs who are the sole instructor of a class) must be assigned a faculty or instructional staff supervisor, to whom they will report and who will be available to mentor them as necessary during the period of their appointment. Lead GAs and peer–to-peer mentoring can supplement this reporting structure.  However, formal evaluation and supervision of GAs rest with the faculty or instructional staff supervisor.  GAs may not evaluate other GAs. 
  • GAs completing their degrees before the next major (fall/spring) semester must be hired using the faculty title.  Departments can choose to pay at the faculty rate or GA rate but it must be consistent across all students in this situation.
  • GA Summer Instructors that will continue as students MUST be enrolled full time for Fall 2019 before they can be paid for summer hours. Refer to the full time enrollment policy at  Revised April 28, 2015.
  • Summer/Winter instructors must be hired with the following FTEs:

Pre-Session and Winter Session (each is a 3 week session)
3 credits or more is 1.0 FTE
1 credit is 1/3 or .33 FTE per credit taught

Summer I or Summer II (each is a 5 week session)
5 credits or more is 1.0 FTE
1 credit is 1/5 or .20 FTE per credit taught

Graduate level instructors may teach only one (1) 3-4 unit section per session without an exception request.  No exceptions needed for pre-session. Please send exception requests to Julie Treanor,


Last updated 27 Feb 2019